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Oct 31, 2006 02:51 PM

rainbow room griil

Hey Hounds any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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  1. We went last Thursday and it was a beautiful room. The food was great (apps were fried shrimp/calamari, proschutto with figs and ccaprese salad, then I had the sea bass, fiance had the house special pasta, dessert was chocolate cake and a delicious lemon cake) but VERY expensive. All told, you can get better food for better prices elsewhere, but the view really is priceless.

    1. im going to the grill part nto main room so I think its cheaper

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        Yeah, I was in the grill room too(there was a gala in the actual rainbow room that night). Still look online -- the prices are HIGH. Like I said, though, the food is great and the room is beautiful.