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Oct 31, 2006 02:36 PM

The RESTAURANTS Turkish Cuisine and Hell's Kitchen

It's very hard to search for the restaurants that are named "Turkish Cuisine" and "Hell's Kitchen" because the generic names return lots of results, but a friend of mine suggested these two places for dinner before a show tomorrow night.

While I'm at it, other suggestions were Pam Real Thai and Scarlatto.

What are your thoughts on these places?

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  1. Hell's Kitchen is one of my favorites. Fresh, innovative, Mexican cuisine. Not your usual tex-mex melt some cheese, throw a scoop of sour cream type place.

    Great drinks too. Can get loud but I like the diverse crowd a lot.

    1. it kind of depends on what you're looking for in terms of atmosphere. Hell's Kitchen has a nice atmosphere and good cocktails. I'd been there several times and liked it, although a trip there about two weeks ago for lunch was very disappointing. Both the grilled tuna and the grilled steak were insanely tough. And it wasn't just that they were overcooked, the meat seemed....old.

      I've only been to Turkish Cuisine once and found it pretty good, though not amazing. Definitely lacking in the atmosphrere department.

      Pam Real Thai has very good thai food, although it can be a little greasy sometimes. And zippo on atmosphere. You go in, get your grub, get out.

      And I've never been to Scarlatto.

      1. Yeah, I was afraid about that with atmosphere for some of these picks. Since we're going to see a show, we do want some, so I think Hells Kitchen will be the choice. But I'm still curious to try the other places.

        1. Turkish Cuisine is good. The atmosphere's nice, in an over-the-top kind of way. I bet it looks pretty good at night, I've only been for lunch.

          1. I've eaten at Hell's Kitchen several times and enjoyed it, particularly the huitlacoche app and the grilled shrimp with serrano sauce entree. It's popular, so reservations are advised.

            I've also eaten at Turkish Cuisine - food there was perfectly OK, but not exceptional. Of the two, I'd go to Hell's Kitchen.