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Oct 31, 2006 02:31 PM

World Tong Not worth the hassle

World Tong Not worth the hassle
Went to World Tong this weekend and was really disappointed.. The place is just too jam packed.. I have been to China, have ridden the subways in Hong Kong, have gone to many Dim Sum places.. This by far was the biggest mad house I have ever seen.. When we finally sat down,after 30 mins, we barely fit at the table.. They stuffed 4 of us in a place where two people should have sat.. Not to mention every table is like this.. To the point where other tables chairs are hitting into your table..

The place is so poorly spaced it really disgusting.. Service is rush, the place is loud and way too confusing.. It makes dining there truly a miserable experience.. I would only go back on a weekend day.. Some of the dishes were really good, but nothing makes up for the scene..

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  1. what time of day did you go?
    at least your food report is good.

    1. we were there by 1030. But the place was a steady stream and the line was getting longer outside..

      1. Crazy!
        If you want to try it again with World Tong, definitely go back on a weekday when it is really nice for a late breakfast and not crowded at all in my experience.

        I'm glad to hear that at least you thought the food was good, though.

        1. it was a total madhouse when i was there recently, though we were seated right away (this was around 11am on a saturday). by the time we left, the line was out the door. however, it was far from a miserable experience. we had to share a table with another couple, but we had enough room and as an unexpected bonus ended up sharing food with them. service was brusque, but actually way more efficient than any other crowded dim sum restaurant i've been to. and the food, of course, was excellent. i'm already anticipating my next visit.