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Oct 31, 2006 02:19 PM

Ruidoso Restaurants?

Going to Ruidoso in a few weeks and need some eating tips.

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  1. Reviving this thread. I'll be in Ruidoso, NM for several days and I'm mostofall looking for an excellent New Mexican-Mexican joint. But any must-hit place should be mentioned.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I can't really help you with an "excellent New Mexican-Mexican" place - I wasn't looking for that when I stayed there briefly this summer. I can tell you that there's a quite decent breakfast place where the highway comes into town on the north end, sort of a log cabin-looking place, down a hill from the highway.

      1. Just remembering, we had a fair Mexican (NOT New Mexican) meal at a little hole in the wall in a shopping center just a little further into town after the log cabin place (on the other side of the highway - on the right as you came into town from the north). This place got pretty well packed during lunch, so it seemed pretty popular with the locals.

        If I may offer a suggestion, either ask a cop what he'd recommend for Mexican/New Mexican, or ask a hotel clerk where a cop would go for excellent Mexican/New Mexican. She'll smile and direct you to the best place in town - tho maybe not the fanciest.

        1. What a great idea, Erich. Never thought to ask a cop. Bet you'd get some good good suggestions.

          1. It's never failed me (in the US). :-)