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Ruidoso Restaurants?

Going to Ruidoso in a few weeks and need some eating tips.

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  1. Reviving this thread. I'll be in Ruidoso, NM for several days and I'm mostofall looking for an excellent New Mexican-Mexican joint. But any must-hit place should be mentioned.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I can't really help you with an "excellent New Mexican-Mexican" place - I wasn't looking for that when I stayed there briefly this summer. I can tell you that there's a quite decent breakfast place where the highway comes into town on the north end, sort of a log cabin-looking place, down a hill from the highway.

      1. Just remembering, we had a fair Mexican (NOT New Mexican) meal at a little hole in the wall in a shopping center just a little further into town after the log cabin place (on the other side of the highway - on the right as you came into town from the north). This place got pretty well packed during lunch, so it seemed pretty popular with the locals.

        If I may offer a suggestion, either ask a cop what he'd recommend for Mexican/New Mexican, or ask a hotel clerk where a cop would go for excellent Mexican/New Mexican. She'll smile and direct you to the best place in town - tho maybe not the fanciest.

        1. What a great idea, Erich. Never thought to ask a cop. Bet you'd get some good good suggestions.

          1. It's never failed me (in the US). :-)

            1. my relatives all love the Cattle Baron. Don't ask me why. And Schlotskys for sandwiches.

              I found a French restaurant that was chowhound decent. I don't recall the name but it's on the main strip in the town and has some outdoor seating along the road (I was there in the summer). It is on a corner and is on the opposite side of the street as the Cattle Baron (and far from it). There are bottles hanging from the ceiling.

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                That'd be Lorraine. Good place, we'll be going there.

                Thanks for all the tips, y'all. Any other ideas?

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                  Errr... I mean... That'd be Le Bistro. Probably the best place in town. I was mistaken, calling it Lorraine. Unrelated, not the same place.

                  FYI: Le Bistro is excellent, and worth your dollar. Go there and enjoy the delicious French cuisine with some excellent red wine.

              2. Schlotzsky's is a franchise deli chain. You can't get any better (or different) sandwiches in the Ruidoso one than anyplace else. They boast about "The Original" sandwich, composed (according to the company website) of smoked ham, Genoa and cotto salamis, and melted cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses layered with black olives, red onion, lettuce, tomato, mustard and "our signature dressing" on toasted Sourdough bread. I think that mish-mash might even give Dagwood indigestion.

                I seem to remember Casa Blanca as having predictable but OK Tex-Mex food but in a very pleasant atmosphere -- nots of little rooms in a rambling restaurant.

                When I was last in Ruidoso (nearly 3 years ago, I think), the Inn of the Mountain Gods on the res was just being rebuilt into large, fancy (for southern NM) casino-hotel. Worth checking to see whether there's a good restaurant there now too.

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                  As far as sandwiches go in Ruidoso, I do not agree. The Village Buttery on Sudderth in Ruidoso offers delicious sandwiches that are homemade with fresh ingredients. Their pimento sandwich, chicken salad, tuna salad are all wonderful. They have a "special of the day" as well: last time I was there, it was a brisket plate. I requested that they make it into a sandwich so I could drive while eating. They complied, making a marvelous brisket sandwich on rye that I won't soon forget.

                  Their desserts (pies) are not to be missed. I could go on about these for some time.

                  Wendell's (the restaurant at the Inn of the Mtn Gods) is very good, and very pricey. Good wine list.

                  If you're in the mood for French, Le Bistro (mentioned above) is on par with Wendell's.

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                    If you go to Schlotzsky's ,I highly recommend the Bacon Turkey club ,on jalapeƱo cheese bread...man I'd love one of those about now!

                  2. Don't forget Picnics Deli just off Sudderth Drive. They have home made brisket and corned beef. And always great soups and stews. I also like Le Bistro for the quality of food and French atmosphere.

                    1. When I ate at Le Bistro in December, it was decent food, but their wine situation was horrible. Only pure rot-gut by the glass, and no real list for the bottles--you just told your server red or white. I think the bottle selection wasn't terrible (from what I could see on my way to the bathroom), but they're clearly catering to people who don't really care much about wine. In fact, the people at the next table just chortled, "We don't care! Long as it gets us drunk!" when they got their bottle.

                      For breakfast or lunch, the Sunflower Cafe, down the road toward Inn of the Mountain Gods, is absolutely great. Really straightforward home-cooked American stuff, and all good. (Ask for butter if you want it for the biscuits--owner says everyone there prefers margarine...probably the same people who don't care about their wine!)

                      And I didn't get a chance to eat there, but everyone says good things about Disco Taco, near the downs. Authentic norteno-style Mexican, with lots of weird bits of meat done on the grill.

                      As for _New_ Mexican, I avoid it in Ruidoso because the taste there is too Texan. Someone might set me straight, but I really can't imagine it'll be anywhere near as tasty as in northern NM.

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                        Le Bistro's wine is pretty crazy. They no longer have a list, they just have what they have. However, they have carried some really good red wines in the past.

                        You can find excellent New Mexican Mexican food within 30 minutes of Ruidoso; you might need a vehicle rated for offroading to get there!

                      2. Bumping this: Any new finds in Ruidoso, NM? We're going in several days.

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                          Try Jorge's for great Mexican. Between the track and the Y going into Ruidoso

                        2. It's been about 10 years ,but if it's still there "the Great Wall", had the best Chinese food I've eaten out side of Chicago, one dish in particular "Ants climb a tree" was killer, cellophane noodles in a sauce of tiny pork bits and chile,chili?, so very good!, there was also a small trailer next to the pizza ht down town ,that had a really killer burger for i think it was a buck....enjoy!, and please post back what you find!, I might add I've had a killer breakfast or two in Ruidoso, but I cant remember the places...sorry

                          1. Are you going for Aspen fest?, if so let me know, I will try to point you to some specific folks that can help with info.

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                              Duh, please excuse my lack of attention, i now see this post is almost two years old...

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                                Now that this old thread seems to be resurrected... a new recommendation:

                                Morsel's - Near "The Great Wall" on Sudderth past Mechem

                                Incredible food by a formally trained chef with Vegas/Napa experience in a California-style atmosphere - great ingredients and will have wine list in place in September which should be really good given the chef's background. Try out the tasting menu - never had any food like this in New Mexico before!

                                Don't go here looking for (New) Mexican food - but if you like fine food in a casual atmosphere, be there.

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                                  I guess I'm re-resurrecting this thread. We'll be in Ruidoso next weekend. Any updates on Morsel's? Sounds good. Also, is Le Bistro still the best thing around? I thought there was another French place. Any ideas appreciated.

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                                    If your looking for a great place to get lunch Cafe Rio on the main shopping street is excellent- Great pizza and italian style sandwhiches and such...super yummy and everyone that works there is quite a charachter. I always get pizza with pepperoni and artichokes- they put tons of artichokes on its delicious. Also they usually have a different flavored iced tea every day- go for that theyre always quite good.

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                                      Morsels is now closed Monday and Tuesday and has added a brunch service on Sunday from 11-3. Brunch is amazing. Wife had eggs benedict with a crab hollandaise sauce and I had the duck hash - great stuff.

                                      At dinner - wife's favorites is the gnocchi. Roast chicken and duck are amazing - and I love the flatiron steak when he has that in. Soups I've had are very good. Menu is though to make recommendations on because its pretty well different every week or two....

                                      Morsels also now has their beer and wine license, so they're now serving - although I haven't had a chance to review the wine menu yet as I've only been since one - for brunch and wasn't up for a drink at that hour.

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                                        Thanks tleonard. I actually called Morsels and he emailed me a menu. There were only 4 entrees on it! I emailed him back to ask if that's all he had on a nightly basis, but he never answered. The problem is, we will be going with a group of 7 and there just wasn't enough selection to please everyone.

                                        So now we're looking at the Greenhouse Cafe in Capitan.. Any thoughts on this one?

                                        Thanks ma belle! I have heard good things about Cafe Rio. I hope we can try it for lunch.