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Oct 31, 2006 02:05 PM


Is there any place in NYC that sells a decent Churro?????I've been craving one for I dont know how long.

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  1. you can sometimes find mexican churros sold in or out of subway stations in hispanic neighbourhoods (wash. heights is one place i saw them) but i have yet to find a place with delicious hot chocolate and churros as in spain.

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      many have raved in the past on these boards about the hot chocolate and churros at Beso in Park Slope (5th Ave X Union). i can't validate ... yet.

      aha, i made this note on my computer many, many months ago from notes from chowhound. i cannot reference the original authors...

      La Nueva bakery in Jackson Heights, 37 avenue, between 85-86 st. Good hot chocolate made with steamed milk and churros, plain or with dulce de leche.

      chocolate with churros
      Beso in Park Slope. It's on Fifth Avenue off Union Street.

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        We had churros with hot chocolate at Chestnut (Smith & DeGraw) last Tuesday. Delicious and comforting - perfect on a cold winter night!

    2. Five Points and Tia Pol are my favorites

      1. Supposedly, "Doughnut Plant" in LES/Chinatown, Manhattan (379 Grand Street) has great churros. When I heard about their donuts, I trekked there in the dead of winter to find out how fabulous they were. INDEED, they were FABULOUS! I saw a show on the telly about churros and they featured the Doughnut Plant as having tasty churros. Apparently, the owner went all the way down to Mexico to buy an authentic churros maker. You just reminded me to take another trip to this place. I haven't tried the churros yet but have been meaning to. I'm a big fan, too! Btw, it's NOT a fancy joint but well worth the trip.

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          Thanks on the info...I'm gonna have to check it out!

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            Oh yeah...was just there this weekend, the churros and hot chocolate are amazing! As are the passion fruit donuts they have for Valentine's Day.

          2. I like the churros at Barrio Chino on Broome.

            1. There are a couple of Columbian ladies who do the rounds across Jackson Heights with their trays of churros. Three for $1. I've seen them on Sundays. They may be the same who are near 26th street and in subways during the week.