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Oct 31, 2006 01:59 PM

Local Sodas?

I'm researching local sodas and thought I'd reach out to the community to find out about ones I've never heard of. So far, I know of the ones in places I'm familiar with:
Manhattan Special (NYC)
Big Red (TX)

I've also heard about AJ Stephans Vanilla Cream from Boston.

What are some other ones (that are still in production and not widely distributed?

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  1. Regan, Jones Sodas in Seattle, Washington are very innovative in their products and marketing. (I'm not sure about their overall distribution.) You can order custom labels on your sodas using photos you provide to Jones. (Great for birthday gifts.) In addition, Jones always releases "Holiday Soda" flavors such a Turkey & Dressing and Brussel Sprouts. (These may be available through your local Target store. Buy early, as they are very limited.) Check out their website for further information.

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    1. re: Walters

      I would disagree with Jones soda as being a local/ not widely distributed soda. At a time it probably was only a local soda, but I started drinking it in NJ about 8 years ago. Recently in Va I've found Jones soda cans for sale at Target. I figured making it to multiple state on the east coast= widely distributed.

      I don't know how widely distributed it is but the Dominion Brewery in Va (?) makes a pretty good rootbeer.

      1. re: viperlush

        Both Jones Soda and Big Red are readily available in IN and Jones Soda is also readily available in FL.

      2. re: Walters

        Is Blue Sky soda still around? I think they were primarily distributed in New Mexico, but from time to time the local Trader Joes in LA would get in a few cases. I think they had flavors like Raspberry, Orange Cream, Cherry Cream etc.

        1. re: Marvin

          i like Blue Sky. Wild Oats in portland has them still.

          1. re: Marvin

            I had Blue Sky from a bodega in Stamford CT.

        2. I assume you've already checked Galco's Soda Pop Stop.

          Moxie is still being made and distributed in the Northeast. An acquired taste but I like it.

          I'm a fan of the original Dr Pepper in the returnable bottles (still made with cane sugar).

          Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray is a staple at NY Delicatessens. Green River Soda is still being made outside Chicago. In DC, the local brand is Rock Creek; their grape soda taste more like the original Grape Nehi than what Nehi is peddling now.

          1. Foxon Park soda in Branford, CT--tiny local bottler makes a version of the SCOTTISH (and kinda vile)Irn Bru, birch beer, really small and odd bottler.

            1. Foxon! Made in East Haven CT for the past 100 years. All of the real flavors-- Cream, Cherry, Birch, Gassosa-- yumm!

              1. Check out Pop the Soda Shop...they ship worlwide