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Oct 31, 2006 12:41 PM

reconsider Bouchon in Asheville

I'm new to Chowhound, live in Asheville, and was distressed to see the negative review of Bouchon when looking up my fave restaurants. I did note that danna's pan was from January. I would encourage her to revisit Bouchon. The owner is now doing all the cooking, and I find the food to be really superior, the prices, reasonable and the service, professional. There was a 40-minute wait on Friday night, but well worth it. In fact, they sold out of mussels. I understand danna's disgust with a bad mussel--it will put you off shellfish for a long time. Anyway, I guess I should maybe reconsider this post--it might make those weekend waits longer!

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  1. Martha, we were doing a progressive sort of dining nite a few weeks ago and ventured into Bouchon. We split a cheese plate which would easily have served 4 (we took about 1/2 home) but it has a good vibe and I would try it again for dinner. We probably would have ordered more or a different app but I didn't really see much that interested me so maybe the entrees are more impressive.

    1. I WOULD like to give it another shot. If I remember right, it's one of the few places open between 3 and 5:30...a time I am trying to eat more often than I would like.

      What dishes have you enjoyed?

      1. Sorry to be so long to reply, danna. I usually order the fish of the day--when I eat in a restaurant, I am more likely to order something that I wouldn't prepare at home--I grill a lot, so a pistachio-encrusted mahi-mahi has a lot of appeal for me. As for the appetizers, I'm puzzled over leahinsc's comment on the apps--Bouchon is a true bistro and the starters include escargot, house-made pate, bruschetta made with local cold-smoked trout, and there are interesting salads. I was there last night and had a cassoulet, which was so great on a cold rainy night.

          The owner/chef is not new to the culinary game. The pate that they serve is second to none. If there is rabbit on the menu, order it. It is a welcome occasion when an owner/chef is around from open to close. They do a great job at Bouchon. It's Frecnh comfort food served in a very inviting atmosphere whith very reasonable prices. I've had the mussels on a few occasions and I've never been disappointed. Also, warm weather brings outdoor courtyard seating which is perfet for date night.