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Oct 31, 2006 05:17 AM

Santa Monica -- Saucy dinner restaurants for the boss

I've got a new boss to book meals for in Santa Monica. I know everything East of Robertson but almost nothing over here. I would love any suggestions / lists for dinner spots -- old or new. In terms of his tastes, I think he preferes swanky (based on Boa & Via Veneto which I know are faves.)

Would really appreciate some ideas. Thanks SO much.

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  1. Josie, Michael's, Chinois, Joe's, Melisse, Ocean Ave Seafood, Capo, Piccolo, Chaya Venice, La Vecchia, Valentino, Giorgio Baldi, Brass-Cap -- that's what comes to mind. I'm surely missing some. You can find plenty of references to these places on chowhound (and elsewhere), so it should be easy to figure out the cuisine, style, price, etc. of each of them.

    1. In no particular order, I would add The Lobster, Whist at the Viceroy, Ivy, ICugini, IlForniao, Wilshire, Drago, Vincenti, Tanino.

      1. I would add Violet, Jiraffe and Primitivo to the list, and the Culver City spots, Wilson, Ford's et al.

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