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Oct 31, 2006 03:58 AM

Another gem closed in Columbia SC

The Palace is no more. Dear old, gruff old, loveable Odell, the owner, died recently. He had had a for sale sign in the window for a year. Now it's been sold. I guess the family was ready to move on.

My office is on Gervais Street across from The Palace, and I had grown to love their hamburger steak, fried chicken, and greasy tables. Best of all was that Odell, Nancy, and Connie knew our crowd, smiled and chatted, and remembered I liked ranch instead of thousand island.

Connie's little girl toddled around the tables wearing high heels and a pink bookbag; she was "going to school!" It was ok if she wandered into the back room where the old guys played pool. They knew her and watched after her.

Mr. Knozit came in on Fridays and prayed his blessing out loud at the counter.

I'm glad I visited as often as I did. It sure won't be the same around lunchtime anymore. God speed, Nancy.

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  1. About tweny years ago our group of twenty-somethings used to go there once a week after work for highballs and pool. I guess we'd be the 'old guys' now. Had some great times there.

    The Capital Cafe and the Dairy Bar were both in operation then too. I could go for a pimiento burger from the Dairy Bar!

    1. I loved the fried chicken. It was a nice place to eat, albeit a bit smokey at times. But I guess that was part of its charm.

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        Bummer! I figured the days were numbered after Odell died. The "good ole" places are all going away. Thanks for the update, Ellen. Let me know if you find a suitable alternative. I also work downtown, so keep the news coming.