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Oct 31, 2006 03:02 AM

Hell Night report

Managed to hit up Hell Night at ECG tonight (the first of three).
I noticed they are planning another short run in December for those that miss it this time around, called "Hellidays".

As usual, Hell Night delivered ... in a big way. We started with the Thai Sticks, Jamaican Connection (oysters with pepper relish and a habanero sausage), the seared scallops, and the infamous Wings of Ass Destruction.
Made the mistake of diving right for the wings when they hit the table which were SEARING ... made all of our mouths numb and meant we could barely taste the rest of the apps. I was sweating profusely, downing the cervezas (which, I realize, does not help -- but what the hell), begging for relief, hoping for more. It was amazing.

WARNING - the habaneros they are using this year seem to be hotter than I have had in a long time. We managed to chat with Chris for a while after the meal and he mentioned that those peppers seemed to be a lot hotter than in past years. (He also told us some choice stories about patrons having various adverse reactions to the food and/or drink).

For the mains we tried the West Indies Pork 3 Ways (though, on my plate, I could only count two ways), and grilled strip steak with 'Atomic Bolivian Rainbow Chile Salsa'. Both were excellent. The steak was manageable as one could scrape the salsa off the top if need be. The pork, on the other hand, was frighteningly spicy, and it would not let up -- even the beans and rice it came with were over the top. Kind of painful when there is nowhere to turn for respite.

For whatever reason this year seems to be a lot spicier than the last two years we have gone - maybe a function of what we ordered. Overall it was a fantastic, endorphin-infused evening - as usual very loud and jovial atmosphere, good times all around. Not a bad way to paralyze some taste buds.

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  1. Thanks Sarge, I'm going tonight and will report in to base. I've noticed that both jalapenos and habs have been wickedly hot this year. I've had a few jalapenos that were hotter than your average habanero. So how bad is the afterburn this A.M.?

    1. Did they have the chocolate chili pepper ice cream this time? I waited too long and couldn't get a reservation this go around. But, last time, that ice cream was terrific! Chocolate ice cream with chilis, pistachios, berries -- it just touched every taste sensation!!

      1. Ooh, are you going to share the choice stories?!

        1. Morning status report: still alive.

          For those that missed it, the hell night menu is here:

          We did not make it to dessert, so, I don't know about the ice cream...

          1. What were the thai sticks like? I'm going tonight and was wondering about the apps. I've had the wings before and remember intense lip pain. My lips were swollen and burning but my mouth was ok. I'd recommend eating them with a knife and fork---but I'm a wuss.

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            1. re: DoubleMan

              I went in last night and had the thai sticks and the Monster pork chop.

              The thai sticks were flavorful but not strong, except for a peppery-oil dipping sauce which was a nice hot start. They also came with a sort of peanutty-fruity(?) dipping sauce that was mild but tasty.

              The "Monster" pork chop was superb; not only a delicious (and Flintstone-massive) chop, but packed with peppers and coated in something like a rub so certain areas of the meat were super-hot and others were just sweet relief.

              In other news the Mai Tai with pineapple/vanilla bean rum is in no way spicy and has a nice smooth soothing flavor that went well with everything.

              I'll be there tonight and tomorrow.