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Oct 31, 2006 02:50 AM

Authentic Southern Fried Chicken in Ohilly area

I have a craving for excellent real fried chicken, not KFC type and am looking for a on that has a liquor license or BYOB.

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  1. Not sure how good it actually is but you may want to investigate Big George's.

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    1. re: jcmods

      Oops. Now I am beginning to think Big George's may have closed but I really don't know for sure.

    2. It's been a year or so since I've had it, but Bluezette in Old City had good southern fried chicken.

      The next block over, Fork Etc. has spicy breadcrumb fried chicken that's also good, and a little easier on the wallet. I usually take out, but they have a nice space to eat in, plus beer and wine.

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      1. re: gina

        Miss Frances' place, Debreaux at 63 and City Line (at the OVerbrook train station) hasn't gotten a nod in a quite a while so I will bring it up. You'll pay a nickel or two for that chcken of hers but its made with tender lovin southern care. and while you're at it please please get the greens! and also get the crabcake ! and also the mac n cheese . Be prepared for slow service - she's usually back in the kitchen all be herself and ahs only one other person helping or so.

        1. re: rumdrinks

          I couldn't remember the name, but I'll second Debreaux, for an authentic Southern experience. Has no liquor license, so I guess that qualifies as BYOB. Come early--not many seats, and her food is serious good.

      2. Ms. Tootsie's on South St. is all about soul food, and I believe they are having their grand re-opening soon (if they haven't already), and that one aspect of the reopening is that they now have a liquor license.

        1. Yankee question: What makes it southern? How would good fried chicken from a place like Crown differ from "southern"?

          Down Home Diner has pan fried which is different from deep fried. Is that what you mean?

          KFC doesn't qualify as anything except salt and grease...