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Oct 31, 2006 02:37 AM

Help on entertaining a difficult Boss to please in San Francisco

The owner of my company is coming out to visit me in a few weeks and I need some ideas on where to take him to dinner in San Francisco. The situation is he lives on the East Coast and has the idea in his head that he doesn't like any restaurants on the West Coast.

When I've been out there we typically eat at restaurants that are unpretentious and reasonably priced with generous portions (and really good food). He seems to have a penchant for the tried and true and an aversion to the up and coming "hot spots". As an example we ate at one of the oldest Italian restaurants in the United States for dinner (Ralph's in South Philly).

I'm not looking for any Gary Danko, Aqua, French Laundry type recommendations... just some great food thats not too pricy and not too fancy while being memorable. Any Ideas?

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  1. How is the new/removed Fior d'Italia (now in the San Remo Hotel at 2237 Mason Street)? Used to be very reliable, even quite good, but I haven't been there since the fire and move.

    Otherwise such a person MIGHT find a place like Suppenkuche (Octavia and Laguna) just to his taste, especially if he eats early. Generous portions and reliable, substantial meat-based entrees. The potato-pancake/apple sauce appetizer is a must. The jaegerschnitzle is good (though I often ask for the bratkartoffeln (fried/roast potatoes) rather than the spätzle (hand made "noodles"), as is the kassler (smoked pork chop). Depending on the night it can be quite busy, and they use the German custom of the Stammtisch or common table shared by parties smaller than a table-full. Anyway, a good beer assortment and passable wine list...cheers!

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      Fio d'Italia is not good. Ate there a couple of months back. Wanted to like it since it was so close to our house. The food is so so. Have no idea why the restaurant is packed... For better Italian I'd go to Trattoria Contadina or Antica Trattoria.

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        Antica Trattoria might work. Feels like it's been there for a hundred years.

    2. Sounds like Tadich is called for...

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        I've been hearing a lot about Tadich, though have never tried it. I did go to Sam's Grill a few weeks ago on a scouting mission and thought that might be a place he would enjoy. How would you compare Tadich to Sam's?

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          I typed an answer, but it's disappeared. The whirling logging icon came on and spun endlessly...
          Anyhow I picked Tadich for it's atmosphere and service -- the food is also better. I've only had one lunch at Sam's and many meals at Tadich.

      2. I took my boss & his wife to Aziza Sunday (last night) and they were really blown away.

        It's top quality food, not too pricy and not too fancy while the evening ended up being memorable and unique.

        At first they got the wrong idea when i said i was taking them to a Moroccan restaurant, but when we entered the restaurant and they looked over the cali - ingredient influenced menu, they got excited.

        They are from Boston, travel the world and eat well, so I was glad that I could impress them with Aziza. I usually take all my out of town guests there and everyone ends up loving it.

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          Based on the original posters description, Aziza sounds like a sure fire way to early retirement.

        2. Washbag in North Beach

          1. What price is considered reasonable?

            He probably would like Washbag, Washington Square Bar & Grill.

            He might like Chapeau. The warm ambiance there with classic French food might be nice.

            Tadich is a good suggestion. I asked about prices because Scomas might be a place he likes, but the prices can be high. If nothing else was in consideration, I'd pick Tadich's over Scomas. However, Scoma's has stellar-fresh fish, HUGE portions, is right on Fisherman's Wharf with free at the door valet parking and an old-style ambiance. It reminds me of an East Coast restaurant. The sides are VERY average though.

            I haven't been there in a gazillion years, but Cafe Sport in North Beach recently got a positive mention. Huge portions served family-style, old North Beach atmosphere.

            Original Joe's in the Tenderloin might be an option too. Maybe he'd get a thrill out of the adventure of the neighborhood.

            I love Aziza, but there are California chowhounds that don't like the place and if I were you, I'd take if for a test run hand have dinner there to see what you think.

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            1. re: rworange

              Price really isn't that large of an issue.... if he feels like he is getting his money's worth. I appreciate the suggestions, my wife and I will have to try some of these restaurants out. Aziza sounds intriguing to me, though I don't know if my boss would be up for it. At least I'll find some places that I will enjoy though!

              1. re: Al Fredo

                If the price isn't too bad, I'd strongly recommend Boulevard. Not as pricey as some you mentioned, above and generous portions of fairly hearty stuff. Lots of posts to check out.

                1. re: Chris Rising

                  I like Boulevard, but the portions are pretty small, especially for someone who specifically wants large portions.