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Battered Cod in the DFW area??

I'm looking for a place that serves a Fish n Chips menu. I nice restaurant. I don't want to take my family into a booze joint so it should be family friendly!

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  1. Picardy's in Snider Plaza has a great version


    so does Zeke's Fish & Chips in FW


    chris svalesen is a fish & chips fan, he does them fairly regularly at Sage, over by Love Field


    Old Monk on Henderson is a bar (but i wouldn't call it a booze joint) and they do a pretty good F&C, too


    1. Wow! Thanks!! That is quite a selection!

        1. I had some good fish and chips a couple of weekends ago at McCormick & Schmick's in Northpark Mall. They also do a creditable fish and chips at Oceanaire.

            1. re: FoodChic

              Where can I find fish an chips exclusively at a booze joint? I prefer booze joints.

            2. I know this is an old thread, but recently discovered Zeke's and I'll give it a "third" head nod. Excellent cod. Their only drawback is that the tarter sauce is a mustard base - kind of weird and not to my liking, but the fish is so good, it can stand on it's own.

              They do serve beer, maybe wine (google them). You order at a counter, they deliver to the eating area which is rustic in decor and "age" - not really sure how you define "nice", but I would definitely consider it family and for sure, NOT a bar.

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                  Zeke's does not do traditional Fish&Chips, or at least they didn't the last time I was there. Zeke's does a cornmeal batter. That is NOT traditional....it's southern.
                  What I believe most of these posters are looking for are beer battered cod or halibut.

                  BTW, DallasDude. I lprefer my fish&chips in a booze joint too.

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                    Oooh Dallasdude and a FoodChic... combo made in gourmand heaven.

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                      How odd. I've been going to Zeke's since 1975 and have never known them to do anything other than a traditional beer (dark) battered cod. Cornmeal batter? Perhaps there is Zeke's imposter around town....

                    2. re: FoodChic

                      FC, maybe you had the catfish and mistook it for cod - or you are thinking of a different place entirely. I was there as recently as 2 weeks ago and Zeke's cod is traditionally battered, although their (very good) catfish has a wonderful cornmeal exterior. FWIW, I grew up in the south and NEVER ate/saw cornmeal battered cod, so your statement is kind of a broad generalization.


                      1. re: CocoaNut

                        Please. There is absolutely NO comparison between cod and nasty catfish.
                        We went there a couple of years ago and asked for the beer battered cod. The gentleman at the counter laughed and said we don't "do" beer batter. So we had the corn meal encrusted cod...it certainly wasn't what we were looking for.

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                          Zeke's has been doing beer battered cod since it opened in the 70's. You must be thinking of someplace else. They have NEVER done cornmeal encrusted cod.

                          1. re: slewfoot

                            Sorry to dissapoint, but that is exactly what we got at Zeke's.

                2. I've had really good fish and chips at the Porch on Henderson. Stella batter. Some of the best in town IMO and a very nice atmoshphere for the crew.

                  1. Are there any updates here or am I just wishfully thinking? It would certainly be nice if something would "appear" between Dallas and Ft. Worth......

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                      Rembrandt's Dutch Pub does a respectable fish and chips and they do indeed use cod. And don't pass up the Dutch apple pie for dessert.

                      1. re: Scagnetti

                        do you mean Cafe Rembrandt in the West End? pretty sure they closed in september


                        or have they re-opened?

                        1. re: teegee

                          Maybe they are closed but their web site mentions nothing about it other than the place is for sale.

                    2. Just happened to hear a glowing report about fish and chips at The Old Monk Irish pub on Henderson,
                      My friend said it was the closest thing to fish and chips in the British Isles. And, they do Guiness on tap!