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Birthday Dinner for women in their 20's in Philadelphia

Any recs for *fun restaurants for a group of women (1 is vegetarian)? We'll be going on a Tuesday night, and want a place with GREAT ambiance and equally good food in either Center City or old city. Nothing too fancy. Your recs would be really appreciated.

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  1. Amada- tapas is always more fun with groups!

    1. We recently celebrated at Jones (7th and Chestnut). Very cool place and reasonable prices... modern twist on comfort food. Afterwards, we had drinks at the Las Vegas Lounge...super cheap and a lot of fun.

      1. Don't know your budget, but Amada could get expensive. How about Bar Ferdinand in Northern Liberties?

        1. I love Amada, but I think it's too expensive for this group. How's parking by Bar Ferdinand?

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            parking isn't tough at all, that far north on 2nd street. i was in bar ferdinand the other day - very friendly place and garlic shrimp to die for. the $10 white wine (can't remember its name but i think it was the only $10 one) was among the best i have ever had. need to go back to get its name... and a few more glasses.

            i still prefer amada (bar ferdinand, where is your gazpacho?!) but frequent BF more often because i live around the corner!

          2. Not too bad. If you're a larger group, make a reservation.

            1. I'll second Bar Ferdinand, I like it better than Amada, especially for the price. The Continental Midtown is a good place for a big group as well, and the food is pretty good. How big is the group?

              1. There will be 5-6 of us. My only concern about Bar Ferdinand is that it may be out of the way for folks coming from work. It's a Tues night so i wanted a place easy for folks to come and go to. I've been to Mid-town too many times. Any BYOs in CCity that arent't too quiet?

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                  I don't think Matyson is too quiet.

                2. Are you thinking Center City only?
                  Lolita is possible, but a lot of BYOs like Lolita are tight on space and hard to get into.

                  1. If you are heading out tonight, Konak in Old City (between 2nd and 3rd on Vine St) has a very cool space and tonight the whole menu is $2 for sample platters of everything they serve. They also have $2 beers and $3 martini's (try the turkish beer, not usually on special but very nice.) The food is excellent (many veggie options as well) and Tuesday night is the best time to try everything you want on the menu for virtually nothing. Afterward, walk down 2nd St to the Continental for drinks and eye candy.

                    1. Actually it's next Tuesday so I have a bit of time to decide where to go! More suggestions are welcome!

                      1. Lolita definitely isn't too quiet - practically every time I have been there - week night or weekend, there are chicks groups there - I highly recommend that! I have seen someone on some food blog post about not caring for the enchiladas verdes (shrimp, jack cheese, mushrooms....excellent) - I've ordered them three times and have never been disappointed. and bring tequila!!

                        1. For "fun"... I would suggest El Vez.

                          You may also head to Chinatown... perhaps Vietnam?

                          If you want BYO, Lolita takes reservations during the week. I wouldn't suggest them if you want to linger after dinner... many BYOs are eager to turn over tables.