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Oct 31, 2006 01:34 AM

Villa Amalfi

8 of us are going there next month for dinner. Anyone ever eaten there? Comments appreciated

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  1. I assume you mean the restaurant in Toms River. I haven't eaten there but many coworkers have and enjoyed their meals. The restaurant also looks very nice.

    1. I've had dinner there several times and the food and service are fabulous. Ask for a table near the fireplace. :)

      1. I'll assume you mean the restaurant in Cliffside Park. Good food, nothing fantastic, nothing horrible. The service is attentive and solicitous for the ladies, matter-of-fact for the gents. A real peacock scene the Saturday night we went, so dress up. My wife and I (late 30s) were the youngest ones there- save those who came with their parents. Nice setting and room.

        All in all, more interesting sociologically than culinarily.

        1. Just returned from dinner at Villa Amalfi, Toms River. I can not say enough about the service or the food. Everything that we ordered (8 people) was cook perfectly from the rack of lamb to the tuna. The appetizers were generous portions and displayed beautifully. This restuarant will certainly be on my go back to list. If you live in the Toms River area try it,you will not be disappointed

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            Babs, yesterday I posted message asking for a really nice place to take my mom for her 87th birthday for lunch(or dinner). We both like just about everything. Thanks for posting your review of Villa Amalfi. I think this will be the place!

            1. re: agnesrob

              Happy Birthday to your MOM and I am sure everyone will enjoy eating there.