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Oct 31, 2006 01:19 AM

L'Atelier or N9NE?

I will be attending a convention next week and have two choices for Saturday night, both fully comped by my host (pharmaceutical rep).

The first option is dinner with a good friend of mine and his wife, along with the rep (who I don't know), at L'Atelier at 7:30. Supposedly this rep enjoys fine wine and has no problem dropping $100 or more on a bottle.

Option two is a late dinner (10:15) at N9NE, as well as being put on the guest list at Ghost Bar for drinks before (and after I assume). This dinner is with a rep I know and several other people from Texas who I may or may not know.

I think this is a no brainer given that I love interesting food (especially tasting menus) and given my social position (married in mid-40's) I won't be taking advantage of the ghost bar privelege.

Any opinions or am I crazy for even thinking about passing on the L'Atelier option?

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  1. No brainer. You're 100% correct. Don't pass on L'Atelier.

    1. You're absolutely right - L'Atelier.

      1. Actually, the only reason I would hesitate would be if you don't have a table at L'Atelier...which you may not be in a position to find out. I think it might be a bit awkward to dine there with three other people, one of them whom you don't know, if you are at the counter. If you have one of the tables, should be great. BTW, Ghost Bar is fun, and I have seen married, 40-year old people enjoy it responsibly!

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          If you call and request to sit on the corner at the counter of Atelier then dining with 4 will not be awkward as far as conversation. That would be the best option at Atelier or requesting a table is fine as well. IMO, Atelier is the far better choice.

        2. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?
          I know we have a reservation, not sure if it's a table. I'd rather sit at the bar anyway, I'm sure I'll be able to sit next to my friend or his wife and I'd be interested in checking out the kitchen.

          I may be able to hook up the ghost bar thing after L'Atelier if I really want to, although I may just hit the poker tables at that point.

          1. This is a time when it must be nice to be the client rather than the host! I know some pharmaceutical reps who go to many conventions in LV. One particular friend is always complaining that her peers at her company, who tend to be in their 20s and 30s, always want to eat at loud, trendy places. So even if your host would prefer the N9ne route, you're educating him or her.

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            1. re: Dave Feldman

              Initially he wanted to take us to Stack, I told my friend that although a trendy scene there, and probably fun, the food wasn't supposed to be very good.

              I mentioned the Robuchon and Guy Savoy restaurants and when he told me that Robuchon was $300 pp I told him that L'Atelier was only about $125. I guess he called the rep and got him to change plans.

              If it was Stack or N9NE, I was going to have some apps with him early and then go to N9NE with the other guy for some better food. Now that it's L'Atelier, I'll stick with my friend all night.

              Sometimes it pays to be pushy.