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Oct 31, 2006 01:03 AM


I know it's late, but the wind knocked out the power. Anyone have any good tips for Parsippany/ Denville/ Morris Plains, preferably near Rt. 46.?

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  1. On the recommendation of friends, we ended up at the Cafe Metro in Denville. We had a delightful evening, the food was delicious. It bills itself as a Pasta-Pizza-Health Food and that pretty much describes the menu, without any hint of how fresh and real the food tastes. I had a wonderful calamari appetizer and pasta mediterranea - sun -dried tomatoes, feta, capers and black olives. On the menu it is erved with cappelini, which I don't care for and asked for linguni - no problem on their part. It's BYOB and the prices are quite reasonable. I almost hesitate to post this - I'd like to keep this well-kept secret!