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Oct 31, 2006 01:03 AM

Any good restaurants in AC?

I'm down there a lot, wondering if there's any event restaurants, or should I just stick to diner food and the Hard Rock Cafe?

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  1. Hear alot about the restaurants at Bogota but haven't been. We always go to Angelo's Fairmont Tavern - just good Italian - always busy - resonably priced.

    1. I adore ac, soo much to do and soo many great dining places! Not sure of your likings but here's a list of local spots!

      Also 2 of our favorite stops on the way down are the berkshire grill and Joe Italiano's maplewood II mays landing ;-

      1. Red Square at the Trop is excellent...not cheap, but the atmosphere, service and food are top tier. If you're looking for something romantic, reserve one of the "intimate dining" tables tucked away toward the back of the restaurant...lined with velvet curtains (which can be closed on request), softly lit, very private.

        They also have fabulous martinis! :)