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Had some delicious scallion pancakes at a couple of Chinese Restaurants in New York. Where in L.A. (preferably the San Fernando Valley) can I find some? Any suggestions?

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  1. Is this the same as the "staple" in Osaka?

    1. In L.A. you can get them at Korean restaurants more readily than Chinese -- Green Oaks (Duk Su Jang) on Sherman Way and Van Nuys Blvd. definitely has them.

      They're called p'ajeon (pah-jawn) in Korean. You can get them with seafood, too, in which case they're haemul (hay-mool) p'ajeon.

      1. Mandarin Deli in Northridge (Reseda & Prarie).

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          i second Mandarin Deli! I am trekking out to the valley on Friday JUST for the scallion pancakes (and the chili soup noodle)...yummmm....i can't wait!!

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            I third MD.. wow I miss that place.

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              We used to get them at the Mandarin Deli in Little Tokyo:

              Mandarin Deli
              (213) 617-0231
              356 E 2nd St
              Los Angeles, CA 90012

              Great Shanghai-style noodle soups, too.

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                The Mandarin Deli in Little Tokyo has been closed for several years now. The branch in Chinatown also closed recently.

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                  Thanks, that's too bad. We really loved that place back when my wife worked at MOCA...

          2. The ones at Earthen Restaurant in Hacienda Heights are outstanding.

            1639 S Azusa Ave
            Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

            1. I second earthen's...they're really good and u get a lot for the money..heavy noodling in monterey park has them too but not as good as earthen

              1. The Korean p'ajeon are different than the Chinese scallion pancakes and although delicious, might not be what the original poster is looking for. The Korean p'ajeon include eggs; the Chinese scallion pancakes do not, and they're an entirely different thing.

                I've had good ones at many Chinese restaurants in the SGV -- try China Islamic in Rosemead, A&J Restaurant (on Valley in San Gabriel), Mei Long Village, Lake Spring, etc.

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                  I was thinking the same thing when i read about the Korean scallion pancakes. The Korean version is soft in the center and crispy around the edges, often chock full of things other than scallions. The Chinese version is very crispy all over, since it has no egg in it. Korean version is more like egg omlet, Chinese version more like a fried dough.

                2. In Mandarin Chinese, they're called "Cong You Bing", which are usually translated at "Green Onion Pancake", "Scallion Pancake", or "Paratha".

                  I'm in OC, not LA, so I can't make any recommendations. Look for restaurants serving cuisine from China's northern region, such as Shangai, Beijin, or Islamic Chinese cuisine. They should have it there.

                  - Chubbypanda


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                    You can get them in in Irvine at Jamillah Garden. It was my first time having them, so I can't compare, but I didn't find them all that special, not having much scallion flavor.

                  2. 99 Ranch Market carries several brands in the refrigerated case. Ready to heat up in your toaster.

                    99 Ranch Market
                    6450 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
                    Van Nuys, CA 91411

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                      You can also buy frozen ones and cook them up yourself with your frying pan.

                    2. How about in San Gabriel Valley? I'm talkin' fairly crispy on outside, nice texture inside, w/ fresh scallion taste (scallions become bitter & off if chopped well before they're used), and NOT oily.
                      I've had twice at the Chinese Islamic restaurant in "Chinese shopping center" on Valley in San Gabriel and other places but they are too oil saturated. There was a photo in last month's Los Angeles Magazine on ethnic food that looked really good, Anyone know the restaurant, and better yet- Has anybody tried??

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                        I've got the issue right on my desk! Here's the info:

                        China Islamic
                        7727 E. Garvey Ave.
                        Rosemead, CA

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                          Thanks- different restaurant fr: the Chinese Islamic restaurant in the Chinese shopping mall.

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                            That would be Tung Lai Shun, which has been transformed into a very different kind of restaurant - no longer Chinese Islamic, but supposedly Taiwanese, though I believe someone said they still have the green onion bread.

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                          Islamic Chinese is great for a lot of dishes and is a must try.

                          As to Scallion Pancakes, good versions can be had at both Heavy Noodling (mentioned above) and Mandarin Noodle House on Garvey in Monterey Park. Both places' noodle soups are excellent as well.

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                            Oh Yeah! I agree that it has good food worth trying, but I was just talking about my experience w/ the pancakes. Also, they just remodeled- real nice.
                            Thanks for recs.

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                            LU'S GARDEN in San Gabriel (on Valley Blvd.)

                          3. I agree with the choices for Earthen and Mandarin Noodle House. I also like the ones at Little Sheep. They're a little more fried and not as limp as some of the other places.

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                              I agree with Mandarin Noodle House (Also known as Mandarin Deli in CT! :))


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                                I'll 2nd/3rd/4th Earthern's! I am addicted to their scallion pancakes and have to get my fix now and then. They don't reheat too well, unfortunately.

                                Theirs is thin -crispy on the outside, with a very thin internal layer that's soft and tender. Perfect combination of texture, and not too oily or salty. Not at all like those big thick hockey pugs that passes for scallion pancakes at the chinese supermarkets.

                            2. EARTHEN!!!!Scallion pancakes are just one of the many excellent dishes they serve!

                              1. I'll fifth or whatever the recommendation with regard to Earthen's onion pancakes. To repeat a comment somebody made on an earlier thread on the subject, onion pancakes have strangely crossed over to Americanized Chinese restaurants in New York, but out here you'd have to go to an authentic Shanghainese, Taiwanese or other "northern" place to find them.

                                1. They have them at Dumpling Master on Atlantic in Monterey Park. And as stated above, 99 Ranch Market has surprisingly good ones that you simply pop in the toaster. I was addicted to them for a couple weeks and went through several packages before burning out on them.

                                  At J&J Shanghai on Valley Blvd. in San Gabriel they have a similar dish called "million layer glutonous cake" or something like that.... not exactly the same but just as good, if not better... plus the XLB and other dishes at J&J are really good too.

                                  The OP should at least try the Korean pancakes, because while not the same, I think they're similar enough that it may fulfill the craving. The ones I had at Wharo in Marina del Rey are very good, I recall it being much more like a scallion pancake than an eggy omlette-type dish.

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                                    I agree with the J&J rec; the scallion pancakes are a nice counterbalance to their dumplings.

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                                      At JJ, I believe it's called "Pan Fried Million Layer Cake w/ Onions." It's located in the "Dim Sum" portion of the menu.

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                                        The ones at Dumpling Master are good. However they are not really crispy and usually are referred to as bao (thin) bin.

                                      2. I love the Chinese style scallion pancakes. My favorite ones are at Dumpling House on Rosemead Blvd across from the Hometown Buffet in Temple City. It's not as oily or crispy as the usual ones but they are great.

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                                          I second this recommendation. They have some awesome scallion pancakes.

                                        2. Yeah, I agree with some earlier posters; generally, "scallion pancakes" is more times than not, a reference to a version of Chinese food. Traditionally, it usually doesn't include much more than scallions or garlic and rarely includes protein.

                                          The Korean seafood pancakes or similar Korean creations probably deserve their own thread/catgory. Although quite tasty in their own right, they're simply not the same thing. It's not unlike comparing French crepes to Baltimore style crab cakes.

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                                            Thought that the Korean pancakes are also made out of bean flour, not wheat flour. At least the types I had are. Tasty too though.

                                          2. I erred in my typing... I meant to type 'category'... Well, I'm not surprised considering my current fatigue...

                                            1. LA really like the scallion pancakes at Mandrette on Beverly Blvd. Simple Chinese-style (as the name implies). Served w/sweet, tangy plum sauce. Mmmm. Hit and miss with other items on the menu -- but also really liked their cold tofu with scallion appetizer -- surprizingly tastey and refreshing for something so basic.

                                              1. I'm pretty sure they have them at SinBaLa in Arcadia... I don't know how they compare.

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                                                  They're not bad. Its not the best I've ever had, but pretty decent

                                                2. Dumpling Master has a pretty good scallion pancake but it's more chewy and a little on the greasy side but nonetheless tasty. Good Time Deli on the second floor of the Focus Plaza in San Gabriel has a perfect scallion pancake, not too greasy and too fried and just the right amount of crispy.

                                                  1. Oh I forgot to mention that there's this Chinese breakfast place on the corner of New Ave & Valley (Yong He) has an awesome scallion pancakes as well, you can ask them to add an fried egg in between...so good!

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                                                    1. Earthen! One of the best. Light and flaky.
                                                      Mandarin Deli on Garvey just East of Garfield...too dense and doughy....but like pizza, even when scallion pancakes are bad, they're good.

                                                      1. You have to try Mandarin Noodle Deli in Temple City (they are the original owners of Mandarin Noodle House in Monterey Park aka Mandarin Deli)
                                                        Their Onion Pancake is the sh!t ... gotta get a bowl of their beef noodle soup too!!!
                                                        I don't have the exact address but it's on the corner of Las Tunas and Primrose (next to Bank of America)

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                                                          Tried Mandarin Noodle Deli for the third time -- but this time, we went with chowhound recs: beef stewed vegetable soup, sliced beef with pancake, and pan fried meat dumplings. The beef broth was very flavorful, and probably the best dish ordered, tho not so pleased with the gummy spaghetti-type noodles that gave body to the soup. The dumplings were good but not great. The lady behind the counter told me they were filled with beef, but boy did they look like and taste like pork...undercooked pork at that! (The dumplings at the Dumpling House on Rosemead are much better.) The scallion pancake was the most disappointing of all. Dough was rough and heavy, and the beef was chewy. The scallions and cilantro were tucked into the roll, but didn't seem integrated into the dish. (I prefer a more refined beef-scallion pancake, like the one at Chang's Garden.) Perhaps I should've stuck with the plain thin onion pancake. Overall, a disappointing meal. Looking forward to trying Earthen next.

                                                        2. If you want to try a ridiculously good Korean scallion pancake, the best way to go is at Dan Sung Sa on 6th and Berendo in K-town. Incredible. We'll be blogging about them later today at www.infinitefress.blogspot.com .

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                                                            Wow. Go to EARTHEN and get them.
                                                            The green onion pancake as part of the beef roll at 101 Noodle Express is good as well.

                                                          2. Had a nice family dinner at Chang's Garden in Arcadia (on Duarte just east of Baldwin) last night. The crispy scallion pancake stuffed with sliced beef, scallions, cilantro, and hoisin -- was quite tasty. Also recommended are the pork ribs wrapped in sticky rice and lotus leaves. Succulent and savory. Other dishes ordered were so-so, but I would definitely go back for these two.

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                                                            1. re: Waverly SGV

                                                              Totally agree, Waverly...you brought those dishes right back to me with your post.

                                                            2. Another vote for EARTHEN. I love their House Chicken and Spicy Noodle Soup as well