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Oct 31, 2006 12:47 AM

Best lumpia/Filipino market?

I'm so sad: My favorite Filipino grocer on 14th & 1st closed, and I have no idea where to order lumpia for a dinner party I'm having. Any suggestions?

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  1. The only other Filipino market I know of in the area is in Woodside across the street from Ihawan. Or why not call Elvie's or Krystal's in the City to see if they know where you can buy some lumpia (if not from them). Good luck.

    1. I heard they have some great Filipino restaurants in Queens. Do a quick google search. Also, lumpia are pretty easy to make. Have you considered wrapping them yourself??? There are plenty of recipes online. The best way is make a party out of rolling the lumpia.

      1. try krystal's on 1st ave & 11th.

        1. My wife loves a newer Philippine restaurant called Bayan Cafe on 45th street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. She is Filipino and has been to all the places in the city, Krystals, Elvies, Cendrillon, etc. and she swears it is the closest to home she has had. I don't know if that helps you since I am not sure if you are looking for a restaurant that does large takeout or a grocer. It is a tiny place so a large part of the business is take out and I believe they have a ctering menu but I am not sure.

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            We were excited about Bayan Cafe when we first heard about it and went there (or had food delivered) during the first few weeks of its existence. After a few tries, we gave up on it as we found the dishes un-exciting, bland and doesn't seem to have that fresher ingredient taste that, say, Krystals or Elvies produces. The dishes taste like most of the meat and fish used were previously frozen. Although we live close to the area, we'd rather trek to 11th Street and 1st Ave. area (Krystals or Elvies) or even all the way to Queens for our Filipino food fix.

          2. wow, thanks everyone! i think i'll try bayan cafe. let you know how it goes!