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Oct 31, 2006 12:04 AM

DAL- Clams Cassino

Any one know of a restaurant in Dallas serving great Clams Cassino? I have been craving this dish for a while now.

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  1. I think The Palm serves clams casino. If you're dying for clams casino, I recommend you order them at the bar at The Palm and then go find a good place to eat dinner.

    1. I can't really remember for sure as it has been a good while since I've been in there but Oceanaire might have them. You could call and find out...I'm almost positive they had oysters rockerfeller and some other hot clam appetizer.

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      1. re: queenie

        Thanks. Oceanaire is one of my favorite places for seafood. I havent been to the Palm in a long time.

      2. It's listed on the sample menu from The Oceanaire website:

        1. Louie's on Henderson has Yummy clams casino

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          1. re: emily11

            Is Louie's the place with the martini glass on the sign that serves decent pizza?

          2. Yes it is, it's quite the hole in a wall, but they serve STRONG drinks (so strong, in fact, that sometimes I just have beer!) and pretty good food.

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            1. re: emily11

              I know the place now. Thanks for the tip!