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Oct 31, 2006 12:02 AM

Ten tables-what to eat. where to park

We are going to Ten Tables on Friday. Anyone been recently and if so can you recommend anything in particular. Is there parking nearby????

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  1. The charcuterie plate has never let me down. I've always been able to find street parking close by.

    1. The menu changes, but I am usually drawn to whatever the special is that night.

      I agree with Double Man. Just troll Centre Street and you'll find parking.

      1. Yup, on-street parking will work out. Just be a bit patient.

        my blog:

        1. Dined there in the past month and found the Braised Rabbitt out of this world. It's hard to make a mistake at this establishment. Nice wine list. On street parking is how it's done. Enjoy!

          1. FYI -- their salads are always superb -- so even if you share one, you'll love it.