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The best $5 wine I've ever had...

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Covey Run Gewurztraminer '05 (on sale now at 4.99 at BevMo!, but still a good deal at 6.99) - very crisp and good violet/lychee aromas, ever-so-slightly sweet from moscato blended in, and good for white dishes/mildly sweet desserts, and of course, at that price, for drinking alone.

Definitely not that complex a wine and not the best wine ever but, especially at this price, it just hits the sweet spot for me, so I better stock up!


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  1. Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red is mine....here in the Boston area I get it for $4.50 a bottle!

    1. My lastest $5 favorite is Garnacha de Fuego.
      Bodegas Zabrin Garnacha de Fuego Old Vines Calatayud, Spain 2005
      $4.99 in this market.
      "It is hard to believe a $7 wine could possess so much flavor. Sweet raspberry and cherry fruit intermixed with loamy soil and spice aromas soar from the glass of this medium-bodied, richly fruity red that has never seen a hint of wood. Consume it over the next 2-3 years. Score: 89. —Robert Parker, August 2006.

      1. The best I ever had were some of those incredible Chilean cabernets back in the 1980's before Chile became "cool". You could get reserve bottlings for 5 bucks or so back then, some of the best cab on the planet... alas, no more.

        1. I'm a big fan of the Banrock Station wines at that price point. The syrah and chardonnay are both quite good. They also put forth some effort towards sustainable and organic farming, which I think is worthy of support.

          1. The Rosemount Shiraz/Cab blend from Trader Joes is my red cheap house wine $4.99. Often sold out.

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            1. also at TJ's - Barefoot Zin it is under or hovering around depending on where you live $5.

              1. Farnesse Sangiovese $4.99. I get it at Henry's/Wild Oats market. Nice and dry.


                1. The $3 Chuck at trader joes aka Charles Shaw Cabernet is our cheap during the week red. Very drinkable, not bad. THe whites I find hard to swallow. I think it's called $2 buck chuck on the east coast.

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                    Charles Shaw Cab is very inconsistent, even during the same vintage year. I've read that some buyers actually try a bottle in the parking lot before committing to a whole case.

                    I tried a $3 Argentinian Cabernet from TJ's that I thought was better than Two Buck Chuck, but I don't know how consistent they are. I can't remember the brand, but pretty sure it's the only $3 Argentinian Cab.

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                      People have been popping corks in the parking lots of Trader Joe's since the early 1970s! Every time a new "Fearless Flyer" arrived, you drove down to Trader Joe's and bought 12 different bottles -- all $3.99 or less. Then you went out to the car to taste 'em, and then back inside the store to buy more of the 2-3 you really liked!

                      As far as Charles Shaw is concerned, Bronco makes so much of the stuff that -- yes! -- EVERY variety of Charles Shaw (aka Two Buck Chuck, aka 2BC) has multiple bottlings within any one vintage year, and thus, may vary significantly throughout the year. Each case will be the same, but the 2BC __________ (Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, etc. -- pick one) you buy in May may not be the same as the one you buy in September.

                  2. Their Sauvignon Blanc is even better.

                    1. On Santorini years ago...the local red at about $1 per bottle...dry, drinkable, loaded with terroir. On this dry island, water was more expensive! Literally. Those were the days....