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Oct 30, 2006 11:05 PM

Conch Fritters

Are they available anywhere in LA? I've posted before about conch (as in ceviche and sushi) but I figured fritters might be a little more easier to come by, since it's a mix.

Any sightings?

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  1. They have "Conch Fritters" at:

    Caribbean Sea
    10337 S Western Ave.
    Los Angeles
    (323) 755-7888

    They also have Conch, don't know how it's prepared, on the menu at:

    1. Some Chinese seafood restaurants have conch on their menu and could fry them up for you.

      1. They have them at Norman's on Sunset in West Hollywood during their happy hour (Tu-Sat 5:30-7:00). I didn't get a chance to try them when I was last there. You may want to call ahead of time to make sure that they still have them.

        This is the email I received from them on 10/11, I'm not sure if it's listed on their website.

        Serving Twilight Tapas at the Patio, Bar & Lounge-- $ 8.00 each

        Lobster Lollipops ~ Pancetta ~ Somen Noodles
        Sushi Kushi ~ Tuna Tartare ~ Grilled Shrimp
        Boquerones~ Tomato Pesto ~ Grilled Tuscan Bread
        Barbequed Pork Belly ~ Pineapple ~ Chayote
        Scallop Tiradito ~ Sai Fun Noodles ~ Ponzu
        Crispy Bacalao Brandade ~ Garlic-Lemon Aïoli
        Chevre Croquettes ~ Medjool Date Syrup
        Patatas Bravas ~ Salsa Pimentón
        Snapper Escabeche ~ Garbanzo ~ Salsa Romesco
        Conch Fritters ~ Keylime Mustard Crema
        Pressed Cuban Sandwich ~ Creole Bacon Foam
        Sunny Side-Up Egg ~ Papas “A la Hauncaina” ~ Chorizo
        Malpeque Oysters (3) ~ Cucumber Mignonette
        Venison Sausage ~ Mission Figs ~ Bayley Hayzen Blue

        Friday Night Pig Roast & Paella

        Caja China Roasted Suckling Pig andPaella Cooked Outdoors on the Sunset Strip. Featured Every Friday in Norman’s Lounge and Patio
        $19.00 per guest, plus tax & gratuities
        Fridays at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
        Valet Parking on Sunset Boulevard or Underground Parking on Alta Loma in the Sunset Millennium

        Norman’s on Sunset
        8570 Sunset Boulevard
        West Hollywood, CA 90069

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        1. re: BombayUpWithaTwist

          Happy hour on a Saturday? I may have to go this weekend.

          And I've been wanting to try the pig and paella night but I'm away this weekend and next weekend.


        2. Unfortunately Norman's is closing for good on Nov. 11, so better get there fast.

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          1. re: Chowpatty

            I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. That's really sad to hear. I think we all thought it may close eventually since it's always dead. What a disappointment!

            1. re: Chowpatty

              I am so sad to hear that. I really liked Norman's. It really is a loss. I loved their Friday night Pig Roast. Hopefully we can get in there once more before they close. Too bad.

              1. re: CarlieInLA

                This makes me very sad also. I made a reservation for Friday the 10th, I hope they have the roast!

            2. Great finds everyone! Sorry about Normans, but I'll try to make it before it's gone.