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Oct 30, 2006 10:52 PM

Thai for my sister's bday

My fam is coming in town for Thanksgiving and
we want to go to thai/maybe asian fusion somewhere
that has a nice festive feel for my sister's 21st
any suggestions? do yall think kittichai is worth the $$$?
we are 5 people so it can add up.

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  1. I'm guess it is only the 5 of you, but you could try Highline in the Meatpacking District. It is very trendy and affordable for the neighborhood. I think the atmosphere and neighborhood are perfect for a 21st Bday celebration (think pre-dinner drinks at the Gansevoort). But, if there are more than the 5 of you celebrating, seriously check out The Fake Orchid on 9th between 1st and A. It is super small, but the food is delicious and is run by the 2 sweetest women from Thailand. They do all the cooking themselves as well as the serving. You can reserve the whole restaurant for your party (they'll close down the restaurant just for you, there are only 6 tables I think). Plus, it is BYOB!