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Cherry Brandy ("Heering")

Does anyone know what to do with this? I think it originally comes from Denmark. I have ended up with a few bottles and would love to use it. Any drink recipes or uses in cooling would be appreciated!

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  1. It's an essential ingredient in the Singapore Sling, and certain variations of the Zombie.

    1. 1/4 or 1/5 parts peter heering to 3/4 or 4/5 parts of your favorite vodka. look at all the time you save instead of infusing your own vodka.

      1. Pour over vanilla ice cream or poached fruit.

          1. It goes in a wicked drink from my college days...The Original Sin...

            Here's a recipe I found online...http://www.drinkswap.com/drinks/detai...

            Any Penn Staters here ever have one at The Apple in State College?

            1. Not a direct reply, but your question makes me nostagic. When I was a little boy, my great-grandmother would always order a "Cherry Herring" in her Jewish-Eastern European accent.

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                How funny....we always had a glass of Cherry Herring @ My Grandmothers as an apertif ...at our Family Friday Night dinners.....
                It brings back many good memories!
                I would love to buy a bottle for 'Old Times Sake'

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                  my grandmother used to give it to me as a nightcap when i slept over her house when i was very young. i guess it knocked me out. i still remember the taste clearly even though i haven't had it since then.

              2. We have a bottle of Cherry Herring that must be at least 30 years old. It is unopened and has been stored upright and out of light and heat. It is imported by Henry Elliot St. Thomas and produced by Peter F. Heering Copenhagen. Is it edible? Is it worth anything on ebay??

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