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Oct 30, 2006 10:12 PM

Fun, Cheap Double Date Locale?

The BF and I want to set up a fun dinner with another couple this weekend.

Location could/should be any of the following: east village, LES, soho, nolita, noho, central village.

Cuisine is flexible but price should be relatively affordable because none of us want to spend an arm and a leg but rather want to enjoy each others company!

I was thinking Cube 63 because it's BYOB, but I think it could also be fun to get margaritas at a cheap mexican place. Seriously though - am open to anything!

Thanks! This is my first post so I hope I can get some good suggestions.

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  1. Try Cornelia Street Café - it's cheap, charming and the food is great. Not blatantly romantic, but definitely date ambiance.

    1. Have you been to Le Pere Pinard on Ludlow, between Houston and Stanton? It's you basic french fare, the atmosphere is very charming and trendy at the same time, and the food is great! Lots of wines by the glass and even by the half bottle. My wife loves to go there with our friends, and we are actually double dating there next weekend!

      1. BklynYoop - I have been close to going to that place several times as it gets great reviews and looks delicious! The only problem is that my BF can't have lactose so we tend to avoid French places as they often sneak butter into the dishes. Glad to hear more positive feedback about that place - will have to try it with some girlfriends.

        Does anyone have any thoughts on Mercadito?

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          Mercadito is a great spot for a margarita sipping double date, however I'm not sure I would consider it all that affordable as it's essentially small plates meant to be shared that add up real quick.

        2. i realluy like Kasadela on 11th between Aves B & C. it's all Japanese snackfoods and it's really inexpensive. they serve beer and sake (i can't remember if they serve wien as well). the chicken wings are great and they'll let you sit for ages.

          1. Grape and Grain would be perfect for a double date. 6th b/t Ave B and C. Cute tapas style food with really reasonable wines.

            I like Mercadito, but it's freaking expensive. The guacamole is about two bites, and it adds up quickly.