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Oct 30, 2006 09:34 PM

Five Points this past weekend...flat out bad. What happened?

Came into the city for a special dinner on Saturday and was, in a sense, wowed by the mediocrity of our meal at Five Points. I'm not generally interested in posting negative comments - it's much more fun to write about the things that exceed my expectations - but this was a major surprise. It was sort of like the "fancy" food at the "fancy" restaurant in a Sheraton that's overreaching - lots of of compotes glooped on top of things, lots of drizzling of this and that on top of this and that, all to very little effect. Meats were tough, pasta was bland, everything was overseasoned... I've loved their food in the past - has there been a change in the kitchen? The place was completely packed as usual, but I'm not being harsh when I say our meal indicates a kitchen staff with delusions of adequacy.

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  1. You know, I went there a few months back and was decidedly under-whelmed also. I had a steak that was reasonable, but not particularly excellent. My companion had a Halibut special which was no good at all - basically a cut of white fish served with some sort of green-bean juice for flavoring, which just did not work. I liked the atmosphere but sadly, I won't be back.

    Save your money and go to Great Jones Cafe across the street.

    1. I wonder if the owners are stretching themselves too thin. They opened Cookshop a year ago and recently purchased the Soho restaurant, Provence, which they are currently working on. The expansion may be diluting their talents since many of the complaints and concerns about Five Points seem to have come during the last 6-9 months. It has happened to other succesful restaurants many times before.

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        Oh, right - they've got Cookshop. Well, I'd say their talents are indeed diluted. That's very apt phrasing.

      2. I had a very blah brunch there a few months back. My parents were visiting from out of town and I had raved and raved to them about the 5P bruch. My father and I each ordered the huevos rancheros and the eggs had rock-hard yolks. Yuck!

        1. I have never been impressed with Five Points. Cookshop blew me awaythough with the food, decor and portion size. I am excited for Provence. Sad that the original had to close though.

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            Wow, Provence is closed? Are these guys re-doing the whole place and changing the menu or just updating? I had my wedding dinner there almost a year ago but always frequented the place since my NYU days...this completely bums me out!

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              I know, it is a bummer. Yet another French restaurant closure. Michel Jean had owned the place for 22 years. He was happy though because they had not been making for money for years. Hopefully the Five points folk do something nice with the space.

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                They are going to make it more of a Five Points/Cookshop type menu and theme, hopefully with some better execution than they have experienced recently. The owners of Five Points got engaged there so, like you, it held special memories.

                1. re: bobby06877

         be it! I was planning on heading back there for a nice meal with the hubby before the baby comes... guess I am a bit out of the loop :-)

                  Nice story though!

                  Off topic: What is your take on Chelsea Bistro and Bar? Been a few years but I used to love it. Still worth it?
                  Perhaps I should start a new thread.

                  1. re: Michele4466

                    Congratulations! Unfortuantely I have not been to Chelsea Bistro. I would suggest a new thread. Once you post it, I am sure there are plenty of chowhounds that can give you feedback. You may also want to do a search on this site and see if there are any recent posts.

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                      I will do a search but...since it was one of my faves, I may just do it for old times sake. I sorta was curious about your opinion. If I remember correctly, you recommended Crispo to us for my birthday in June and I agree with many of your regular recs.

            2. Oh thats right, I remember when you went to Crispo. I am glad you enjoyed it. Have you tried Da Andrea or Giorgio of Gramercy? Both smaller and intimate than Crispo but a very cozy feel. The food and service at both places are great. My wife and I enjoy both places.

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                Actually been meaning to go to Giorgio's for some time now. Twice had to cancel the ressie due to circumstances beyond our control. BTW: They used to have a shaved brussel sprout/ parmesan salad and a glazed/sauteed scallop main with cauliflower souffle (or something to that effect) on the menu that I was dying to try (sounded like my perfect meal). Last I checked they were both off the menu. Lots of other items I would love to try but if you knew me, you would understand my disappointment. :-) I am going to check the menu online again...just in case.

                Either way, both these recs are on my to go to list... thanks for reminding me!