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Oct 30, 2006 09:29 PM

Hong Kong style noodles in Centreville area?

My husband and I just moved to Centreville about a year ago and I've been craving the egg noodles with dumplings in soup. Does anyone know where is the closest location? I'm pretty sure I had these at Mui Kee off Rt. 50 in Arlington but that's a little further than I wanted to travel last night with a cold.

All I've found in this area is Pho and no decent Chinese (especially delivery).

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  1. I'm not sure about that exact dish, but you could give Sichuan Village a try - they're an oasis of authenticity in a desert of chain restaurants.

    Here's the menu:

    1. Okay, I shoulda done better for you - first, ask for the Chinese menu (you have to ASK) - you'll get a friendly reception and good help choosing, if you need it.

      And HERE is the menu:

      1. In the Fair Oaks mall, there used to be a chinese place that had pretty authentic noodle soup, mostly taiwanese style. Not sure if they have egg noodles, they do have the thick white noodles with dumplings, beef soup is good. When I first moved here, that was the best I could find in the suburbs and it would hit the spot. For egg noodles, I've gotten used to making my own.

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          It's Hunan Chinese Gourmet. I was just there today. They have a fair beef noodle soup, but I don't think they have a noodle and dumpling soup. Here is the web site:

        2. The OP was asking for HONG KONG style wonton noodles, NOT Sichuanese noodles, NOT Taiwanese noodles. Different type of dish entirely. I live out near Centreville, and unfortunately the only Cantonese restaurant closed a few years ago and was replaced by a Charlie Chiang's. I'm afraid your closest bets for HK style wonton noodles are Mark's Duck House (the best choice), Miu Kee, and Full Kee, which are all in the same area near Falls Church.

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            Thanks! I was afraid of that. That's too bad. I've eaten at all three of your recommendations and they are definitely very good.

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              Yeah, the place in Centreville that closed was New Full Kell. It was quite good. I suspect it was too authentic for C'ville.

              We got takeout from Sino's Inn for old time's sake a few weeks ago and it was not good. We should have kept our memories of good suburban chinese food intact. Avoid.

            2. If your expectations are not too high, there are some places that are quite acceptable for Chinese take-out in the Centreville area. When I get the urge, I usually order from China Express in the Colonnade shopping center at Union Mill Rd and Braddock Rd. I've gotten some pretty delicious Singapore style rice noodles, very good curry taste with good amounts of shrimp and roast pork. Their moo shoo pork is pretty decent, amongst other things. Not exceptional, but tasty and filling.