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Oct 30, 2006 09:29 PM

Any real eggs out there?

I'm wondering if anyone has a source for eggs that have real brilliant goldenrod colored yolks, not the pale yellow kind. I have tried all the free range and organic brands, including the ones that advertise the feed of the chickens (sunflower seeds) and such. What I'm after is like the ones you get in Italy (or even England, judging by the cooking shows produced there that I've seen). Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. There is a lady at the Santa Monica farmers market on Sundays (Main St) that sells fertile eggs. They are by far the best eggs I've ever eaten, with rich creamy deep orange yolks.

    1. The color of egg yolks depends upon what the chickens are fed -- and believe it or not, people in different parts of the country/world have different preferences and expectations on what color an egg yolk should be. I would venture a guess that the reason you haven't found eggs with yolks in a "brillian goldenrod color" is that is not what people here like, ergo chickens aren't fed food to make their yolks that color.

      Here's some more info on the subject of egg yolk color for your reference:

      My experience is that the diet of the chicken dictates the flavor of the egg, regardless of what pigments the chicken is given to color the yolk.

      My best recommendation to you would be to buy fresh eggs from naturally fed chickens -- regardless of the color of the yolk, the flavor will be the best available in these here parts. Their are purveyors at both the Santa Monica and Hollywood farmers markets that sell delicious eggs; and in a pinch, the organic free-range eggs they sell at Whole Foods are pretty tasty as well.

      1. I bought an organic brand from Valley Produce in Reseda recently that were just as you described, bright yellow creamy yolk. The best eggs I've ever tried and I think they were $2.99/doz. It was the only organic egg they carried, but can't recall the grower.

        1. There are two different organic egg-sellers at the Irvine Farmers' Market (across from UCI every Saturday) who may have what you're looking for. The problem is that the vivid color in the egg yolks come from the type of feed given to the chickens. In Italy, it comes from a very specific variety of corn. So getting the really vivid yolks may be problematic.

          Since the color of the yolks doesn't always reflect the flavor of the eggs, have you considered food coloring? *Ducks the flying rotten vegetables.*

          - Chubbypanda

          1. I like the eggs at Marukai in Gardena. The yolks are a golden color. They sell many selections, but the one I prefer is their own brand. They are called Golden Fertile Eggs from Cage Free Vegeterian Hens and are Large Grade AA. They are a membership store, but you can shop without membership and they charge you a little more.