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Oct 30, 2006 09:21 PM

$200 (on my boss!!) tonight!

My boss gave me $200 to take my GF out to eat. We want to stay in Hollywood-ish...

A nice bonus, but not sure where to go...we have EXACTLY $200...not a dime more...

What can you suggest?

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  1. If that were mine, I'd do the six course tasting menu at Opus. With that and a martini each, I think you'd be right about there.

    1. Go to Providence, sit without a reservation at one of the small tables in the bar, and share several courses with a couple of glasses of wine. Unpretentious service from the bartender, and the best food in the area. Don't forget to save room for the cheese selection for dessert!

      1. If I had $200 in change jingling in my pocket, I would go the sushi route! You might have trouble spending all of it at Azami, but you will be able to spend it well at Sushi Zo or even Kiriko on Sawtelle in WLA (sorry, I know, not Hollywood-ish). So, if it were I, this is the way I would go -- no other options sound as good.

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        1. re: liu

          judging from past posts on this board, kiriko could very well end up being much more than $200 for two.

          judging from my own experience with sushi zo, $200 would be adequate there.

          1. re: westsidegal

            Sushi is so open-ended; the cost is always a mystery! We try to guess, before we look at the bill, and sometimes we are waaaay off. I wish each seat had a built-in electronic or mechanical counter, and that way, as you order, your tab would continuously total on the little counter in front of you.

          1. Matsuhisa would be my selection $200 should cover almost the entire bill, but if you're like me you might spend about $300 for 2 people including drinks and tip.