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Oct 30, 2006 09:21 PM

Americano (in the Hotel Vitale)

Any recent visits?

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  1. I was there a few weeks ago for drinks and late night eats with a friend. We initially planned for dinner, but at 8:30 there was still a half hour wait for a table, so we opted to eat off the bar menu in the lounge. For a Tuesday night it was still fairly busy both inside and out. We sat inside. Despite having her hands full, the server was great.

    1. Not impressed with their carpaccio. The almonds are tasty. And I had to describe what a Pimm's Cup was, and they still got it wrong.

      But it's a great place for a nice Sunday afternoon.

      1. their french fries are amazing, tried one of their pizzas also it was ok at best, sorry usually just go there for drinks

        1. About six months ago...

          We started with a glass of Domaine Carneros Blanc de Noir because 'A' doesn't get to try enough California sparkling wines. For me, this was paired with a salad of blood orange, avocado, fennel, and greens. Fresh, clean and well thought-out. 'A'had a grilled artichoke salad that I did not try. The waiter insisted that we try the salad of the day, a confit of duck with kumquats and a huckleberry dressing. After the freshness of my salad starter, the confit seemed heavy and too rich. Neither of us could finish it...

          My entree for the evening, suggested by waiter Ben, was fresh Wala served with two small, crispy horseradish puffs, wilted spinach, fresh baby beets, and Kalamata olives. The Wala was firm and buttery, with all the accompanying flavors coming together quite nicely. I had this with a glass of Alsatian Riesling, the name of which I didn't even bother to get -- I was just enjoying the evening and the company.

          Having seen them emerge from the kitchen earlier (despite the waiter's suggestion of a sorbet sampler), I couldn't resist the fresh fritters served with dipping jam and melted chocolate. Ethereally-light and sugar dusted, I showed great restraint by only eating a few and taking the rest home for breakfast...

          A note on the Americano's decor; dark, olive-colored walls are contrasted with warm wood floors and a bar made up of river stones. It is elegant and austere, but warm and inviting in its sparcity. The kitchen space is open and the light bar above the service area is decorated with various shapes and sizes of cream-colored lamp shades. There are touches of modern art throughout the hotel and restaurant and if you ever go, make sure to look at the paintings which are mounted on the ceilings. They are quite disconcerting at first, but I could not keep from glancing up at them and ultimately welcoming them as guests to our meal.

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