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Culinary Uses for Pickled Jalapeno

The Pickled Jalapeno... in its most common form is inexpensive, readily available & widely used. But what are your most Chowish uses for this versatile ingredient?

In my humble opinion, it reaches its Zenith in Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya's pre-teen snack creation... Nachos. The original recipe, based on freshly fried tortilla chips, drenched in a Chihuahuan Mennonite Cheese based Sauce (think Munster); & mounds of pickled Jalapenos, Carrots & Onions is simply perfect. Sharp contrasts between salty chips, oozy bubbling cheese sauce, & cold firm veggies with strong Mexican oregano & garlic undertones.

Nachos are great... but what other interesting uses have you found for Pickled Jalapenos?

> I add a few slices to my Caesar Salads... the tangy vinegar sharpens the flavors, the greeness of the chile & the heat add aditional, complimentary dimensions.

> They also go great on Sesame Seed Bagels, with Cream Cheese & even Smoked Salmon.

What are yours?

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  1. i add them to grilled cheese!

    1. I like to put them in tunafish salad. Also, I like to make my own home made version of Hamburger Helper - sautee ground beef, onions, and peppers, and mix into Kraft Mac 'n cheese with some pickled jalepenos and cooked peas. Delish. Tastes even better a couple days latter, microw'd with ketchup and hot sauce.

      1. I see them called for quite a bit in Mexican recipes I have in Rick Bayless books, and also in a book of Mexican home cooking called Cocina de la Familia. I use them to make a simple, spicy tomato sauce in which to cook fish (ie halibut or cod), or to make "drunken chicken", chicken cooked in Mexican beer, onions, garlic, pickled jalapenos and tomatoes.

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          Do you have a specific recipe for drunken chicken. If so would you share it?

        2. JalapeƱo Cheddar Corn Bread. We are ready for some soon!

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            Oh, yes in corn bread. I also use pickled j's diced in mustard potato salad, as a garnish for bloody marys, as a pizza topping, on hot dogs or burgers, and straight out of the jar!

          2. I also used them in a Rick Bayless slow cooker recipe.
            My husband likes to put them on top of his pizza.

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              which Rick Bayless slow cooker recipe do you use them in?

            2. The juice is a secret ingredient when marinating/cooking meat for carne asada or carnitas.

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                Carne asada, yes! Also necessary for arracheras (pretty basic fajitas). Try marinating some skirt steak in lime juice, chopped garlic, and pickled jalapenos. Grill as usual. Either eat it plain or add the usual fajita accoutrements.

              2. Make a slaw of cabbage, white onion, Mexican oregano, and jalapeno. Kind of like El Salvadorean curtido but spicy and tart. I was given a bag of this with a pound of carnitas at a Mexican mercado and it was an awesome taco filling.

                1. "Southwest Shredded Beef Sandwiches" calls for a whole cup of 'em (I've made this before; very good):


                  1. As a garnish in chili and other bean soups.

                    1. chop them up, add them to your favorite shortbread dough and bake for a delicious sweet/hot treat!!!

                      1. Well, this isn't exactly a use for the Jalapenos themselves, but a way to utilize the brine (juice) left over, after using them (I came on this thread looking for a way to use the peppers themselves because I bought a huge can just for the brine).
                        Hardboil a bunch of eggs.
                        Cover them with the brine and stick in the fridge for 2 weeks, a month is better. Six weeks is great. A costco sized jar will just about cover a gallon-sized jar's worth of eggs. If you make a gallon sized jar then you'll actually end up with enough that are properly pickled after you've "checked to see if they're done" at the end of every week as I inevitably do.

                        Voila! The most delicious pickled eggs you're likely to have ever tried (I didn't even like them until trying these when a friend made them).
                        Thanks for the other excellent suggestions, I plan to try them all!

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                          Do you peel the eggs first?

                          My great aunt used to do that with regular pickle juice. She did not peel them first. I think spicy eggs would be terrific.

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                            Yeah, I do peel them first. I would also recommend making sure your eggs are at least a week old and bring them up to room temperature before boiling them....I was impatient and it took me about an hour to peel all the eggs because the membrane was really tough.

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                              Thanks! And, yeah, when eggs are tough to peel it can be very tedious.

                        2. We love them with fried chicken - just as a side. Also with blackeyed peas. Cooked in with the peas when they are about 30 minutes away from being done. I've tried it with fresh and I just prefer the pickled. We also love the brine over rice and cajun gravy or au jus.

                          1. May sound crazy but I chop them up into small dice and store them in a glass jar in the fridge with their brine. Then, when I want a dash of heat, I grab a spoonful (or several). I chop them up finely because you get better distribution of heat that way.

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                              Not crazy. In Canada I can buy pickled jalapenos in glass jars. In Puerto Vallarta they only come in metal tins that are not resealable, too much to use at one time for a gringo. So I repackage in a glass jar with a screw top lid so I can use just the amount I need.

                            2. Battered and deep fried Jalapeno slices are tremendous. Dip them in queso, salsa or even Ranch dressing.

                              I also like them in addition to diced onions on top of a chili dog.

                              1. We usually buy the kind canned with carrots and onions and cut into strips. We just eat them on the side with meals as an extra type of pickle/salad. They are very spicy.

                                1. Since moving to California, I've become rather accustomed to piling slices on top of my pizza. They also make a wonderful omelet filling with lots of cheese.

                                  1. My favorite use for them is with hot dogs instead of relish.

                                    1. Great addition to guacamole and makes for a different bruschetta.

                                      1. Put them in a food processor with brine, add some flavorings if you like (onion, garlic, tomato paste, mango, whatever) and make hot sauce!

                                        1. This is a great topic! :-) I've gotten lots of ideas from the various posts.

                                          I put them in deviled eggs!

                                          1. Put them on a burger in place of pickles.