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Oct 30, 2006 09:17 PM

Culinary Uses for Pickled Jalapeno

The Pickled Jalapeno... in its most common form is inexpensive, readily available & widely used. But what are your most Chowish uses for this versatile ingredient?

In my humble opinion, it reaches its Zenith in Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya's pre-teen snack creation... Nachos. The original recipe, based on freshly fried tortilla chips, drenched in a Chihuahuan Mennonite Cheese based Sauce (think Munster); & mounds of pickled Jalapenos, Carrots & Onions is simply perfect. Sharp contrasts between salty chips, oozy bubbling cheese sauce, & cold firm veggies with strong Mexican oregano & garlic undertones.

Nachos are great... but what other interesting uses have you found for Pickled Jalapenos?

> I add a few slices to my Caesar Salads... the tangy vinegar sharpens the flavors, the greeness of the chile & the heat add aditional, complimentary dimensions.

> They also go great on Sesame Seed Bagels, with Cream Cheese & even Smoked Salmon.

What are yours?

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  1. i add them to grilled cheese!

    1. I like to put them in tunafish salad. Also, I like to make my own home made version of Hamburger Helper - sautee ground beef, onions, and peppers, and mix into Kraft Mac 'n cheese with some pickled jalepenos and cooked peas. Delish. Tastes even better a couple days latter, microw'd with ketchup and hot sauce.

      1. I see them called for quite a bit in Mexican recipes I have in Rick Bayless books, and also in a book of Mexican home cooking called Cocina de la Familia. I use them to make a simple, spicy tomato sauce in which to cook fish (ie halibut or cod), or to make "drunken chicken", chicken cooked in Mexican beer, onions, garlic, pickled jalapenos and tomatoes.

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          Do you have a specific recipe for drunken chicken. If so would you share it?

        2. JalapeƱo Cheddar Corn Bread. We are ready for some soon!

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            Oh, yes in corn bread. I also use pickled j's diced in mustard potato salad, as a garnish for bloody marys, as a pizza topping, on hot dogs or burgers, and straight out of the jar!

          2. I also used them in a Rick Bayless slow cooker recipe.
            My husband likes to put them on top of his pizza.

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              which Rick Bayless slow cooker recipe do you use them in?