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Oct 30, 2006 09:16 PM


Was wondering if anyone had been there recently. Also, how does thier food pair with wine? If you can opine on how their red meats might pair with Barolos that would be particularly helpful. I know I should be going Italian, but I've been meaning to check this place out... Thanks!

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  1. Some friends of mine really liked it. Last time they went was last weekend. Personally I had dinner there not too long ago and I had a horrible experience. Service was slow, restaurant was very noisy and food was really bad. So go Italian.

    1. I don't think Barolo would be a very good match for Limón's cuisine (or any Peruvian for that matter). The best dishes are highly-acidic ceviches, creamy seafood stews, and heavily spiced meats. It's a cuisine that calls for whites and fruit-forward reds. It may be possible to find some stuff on the menu that will work. But I think if you went looking for food to pair with Barolo, you'd end up ignoring the best of what Limón (or any other Peruvian restaurant) has to offer. Try it when you want to drink some Chablis, Albariño, or Zinfandel.

      1. Thanks for the advice! Looking at their menu I thought I was probably not going to wind up there, but I thought I'd ask. I still have my fingers crossed that someone will cancel at a16 and I'll be able to get of the waiting list...

        1. Limon is definitely worth checking out, but not with your barolo. (This thread gives me deja vu, didn't someone ask this very question before?) The last time I went, however, my chicken was a wee bit undercooked. Perhaps just a one-time misstep; I've had many fantastic meals there.

          1. I actually just went to Limon this past weekend. It's one of my favorite restaurants and very true to the Peruvian cuisine. It's a fun atmosphere (but yes, I agree it's loud) and service was fine when I was there. I like how the server explained all the ingredients of the dishes as they brought it out.

            I had the red snapper which was deep fried and I generally don't eat deep fried things, but it was executed so well, it was like eating pillows because the fish meat was so soft. It was heavenly.

            I also tried for the first time the creamy ceviches, which I've never had before and it was very nice. Something different than the citrus versions. My friend, who lived in Peru for a few years, said everything was very authentic in taste and presentation.