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Oct 30, 2006 09:02 PM

need a great place to take clients for lunch in the East 50s

Hi- taking a sophisticated guy and his down to earth boss to lunch next week. Would like to stay between 5th and 3rd....and 50th and 54th. Price isn't too important - they're great clients. thanks for your help!

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  1. Aquavit comes to mind - though I think it is 56th, between Mad & Park.

      1. That reminds me - there's always the Four Seasons, as well.

        1. Alto, on 53rd, b/t 5th & Madison, is L'Impero's more upscale sibling, and Scott Conant is the chef for both. I've only been to L'Impero (Delicious!); however, on my suggestion, my daughter took some clients to Alto, and they all loved it.