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Oct 30, 2006 09:00 PM

Charcoal Korean BBQ K-Town

Does anyone know if there are still restaurants in K-Town that still use charcoal or wood chips for their BBQ grill ?

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  1. won jo on 32nd st uses charcoal grills...personally i think the whole charcoal thing is overrated. i'd go to kang suh or shilla anyday for bbq with the gas grills over won jo.

    1. try NY Komtang on 32nd st on the southside of the street, they have the best bbq. Get the thick pork (like bacon) and the kalbi, go with a couple of people

      1. Thanks much. I'll give Wonjo or Kom Tang a shot.

        1. we went to Wonjo a couple of months ago and it must've changed ownership because it was horrible. and at the end of the night, we had to pay $40/person and we hadn't eaten anything really. we had to go for a 2nd dinner down the street.

          1. I recently ate at Kom Tang Soot Bul and thought it was quite good, and also pretty cheap-like $20 a person all-in (although we didn't drink much alcohol). We got the pork, and some steak, a pajeon that was too heavy and greasy, a huge plate of pork mandoo, and also a delicious dish of thick rice sticks in a spicy sauce with some veggies and fish cake-it was great!