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Oct 30, 2006 08:56 PM

Opus last weekend

I had a fantastic time there with my friends. Service was slow, whole table got the 3 course tasting. I can't remember the details of every thing we ate. Sorry. Chef sent out two amuses, 1st was celery root mousse, 2nd forgot, some type of savory creme brulee. Both very good, if texture wise a bit similar. Liked the savory creme brulee better. I felt like it was a play on expectations for texture and flavor. 1st course was kanpachi with sea salt, lemon juice, and olive tapenade. The flavors were wonderful and very light; it was a nice beginning to our meal. 2nd course, sea bream filet seared crispy on the skin side, layered over minced celery and other veggies. 3rd course, guinea hen with bone marrow. Because the lighting was dark, some people at our table thought the marrow was scallop because of the shape and size of it. It was a very RICH dish, by far my favorite. As a nice afterthought, the chef sent out dessert too - rice pudding with sour cherries and cinnamon and chocolate mousse. I had a wonderful time. Oh yes, do try the blackberry lemon drop. Only downside was when it got busy, service was slow between courses and the busboys would forget to give us new utensils after they cleared it. I am definitely going back.

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  1. I ate at Opus on Friday night and absolutely loved it. My dining partner and I both ordered the 6 course tasting menu, which actually turned out to be about 10 courses including the amuse and desserts. The tab was extremely reasonable considering the amount and quality of food we had. I can't wait to go back!

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        1. I was there this weekend as well (as you know), and that savory creme brulee was really something special. My friend thought it was too bizarre for words, but I thought it was delicious.

          In appearance, it looks kind of like seared foie gras. Imagine my glee, thinking it was foie gras. It's not, actually, but it has a strong liver/pate flavor to it. Paired with that crisy, sweet brulee crust, it was magnificent. Probably the most unique dish of the evening.

          I KNEW that mousse was celery! The bartender told us it was fennel, and I was tasting and tasting trying to figure out why fennel tasted like celery and not licorice.