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Oct 30, 2006 08:41 PM

Smoked Turkey in the Puget Sound Area

When we were in Boise, ID., we had the most wonderful smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving. Essentially just reheating and serve. Are there any smokehouses in the greater Seattle area that has whole smoked turkeys for sale? Thanks for any recommendations

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  1. Urika, Caveman Kitchens in Kent offers outstanding smoked turkeys. (Get your reservation in early.) Schedule your turkey pick up noonish so you can lunch on their Salmon sandwich with an order of dragonwheels on the side and you get a real win/win. Worth the trip.

    1. Urika, You might want to have a look at this site. It is for Jones BBQ. I called them to see if they were smoking turkeys for Thanksgiving and indeed they are! They said 2 bucks a pound with a 25 pound min. They have a few locations around Seattle.

      1. Thanks Leper,

        Went with Caveman since they seem to smoke them all year round and not as a seasonal item.

        Happy Thanksgiving, I will be thinking of all of you while making turkey congee with the carcass the next day. Now I need to get some chinese doughnuts and thousand year old eggs

        1. I have good success at A&J Meats and Seafood Market at the north end of Queen Anne hill. 2401 Queen Anne N, Seattle, WA 98119.

          1. Stan's BBQ in Issaquah also offers whole 10lb smoked turkeys year round as long as you give them 72 hours notice


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              I had one of these. It was fantastic.