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Oct 30, 2006 08:32 PM

Prepared Turkey for Thanksgiving?

This year I'll be on vacation until the Sunday before Thanksgiving. So for the first time in many years, I'm consider not making the famous Alice Water brined turkey. I just don't have enough time!

So a friend said Molly Stones has a prepared turkey that's really good. I called and they told me for 12-14 pounds, it'll be $49.99. I've not bought prepared turkey before but that seems expensive for me.

Anyone else ordered it before? Worth it? Other places that has prepared whole turkeies in San Francisco?

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  1. I did the Mollie Stone turkey last year. We had just moved and our kitchen was in boxes.

    I was pretty impressed with the turkey. You cook it for an hour before serving. It wasn't dry at all, surprising. I think we also bought the stuffing and gravy and did our own sides.

    I would go there again if I was in a time crunch like you.

    1. The barbecue stands in Chinatown usually do a turkey or two. It's fun to see them hanging in the window, completely dwarfing the ducks and chickens. You might stop by your favorite spot and reserve one in advance in the size you want. I haven't ever tasted one, but the skin on those birds is gorgeous. I've seen them sell them by the half or quarter also.

      1. I think $49.95 is the average price. Market Hall over in Oakland and Oakville Grocery in the Cannery Building in SF both do a Diestel turkey for that price, as well as the full Thankgsiving menu (stuffing, gravy, etc.). They are both excellent choices and are worth the money- probably about the same quality as your Mollie Stone's. If you're looking for something different, you should try these- if it's just the price though I'm sure Mollie Stone's is a good way to go.

        1. A girlfriend of mine ordered the turkey dinner from Berkeley Bowl last year and she said it was fantastic.

          Below is an old article I found but still may be of some use...
          Where to pick up your dinner to go


          1. Last year when I was picking up my turkey at Baron's meats in the Alameda Marketplace Thanksgiving morning, I noticed that the rotisseries at Season to Taste across the way were full of turkeys (Mary's Natual, I believe) for their T-Day meals to go. I don't know if they're doing it this year, but you might check it out.