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Oct 30, 2006 08:20 PM

Fun restaurant in Greenwich, CT for a special b'day

Any suggestions for a friday night dinner in the area? Gaia was recommended. My husband and I are staying in Greenwich that night and would appreciate any feedback for a somewhat high energy spot? Ok if it is close to Greenwich. Thanks much.

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  1. GAia is terrific and beautiful, and great service

    1. Gaia is great, but for a high-energy party atmosphere, you might try Barcelona. (I was just there this past Friday, and I found it a bit noisy, but you might not mind that.) Food is excellent at both places.

      1. For whatever reason, when I think of high energy, Gaia doesn't spring to mind. I haven't eaten there, but I've been in their dining area at dinner time a few times (another story).

        Baang is another option. It's an asian fusion kind of place, with a very lively atmosphere (a bit loud) with quite good food too (been a while since I ate there though). The atmosphere is more lively than Gaia. Terra probably has more liveliness than Gaia too and is just up the road on the avenue. but given the choice, I'd do baang over the others.

        I haven't been to barcelona, which Boswell recommends. I need to go there. Heard good things about it. Boswell, is it a traditional tapas kind of place?

        Baang Cafe
        1191 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT
        (203) 637-2114

        1. I highly recommend Barcelona. You can get all kinds of tapas, but there are also sizable entrees. The vibe is really fun and the service is topnotch. Definitely make a res b/c the place is always packed! This past Saturday night they had a " Halloween party" and the regulars all dressed up. ( We didn't know about it) It made for great people watching and a fun night!

          1. Gaia is great and interesting but not exciting at all. Greenwich ain't exactly a swinging sorta scene.

            Baang Cafe is fantastic and lots of high energy people and food. Open kitchen and if you like Puck's China Grill type cuisine you will really enjoy. Its out near the Hyatt on Route 1, near McD's.

            The closest "fun" neighborhood is a few towns east, in South Norwalk, known by the locals as SONO. Great food (the original Barcelona is there and is great and have not tried the greenwich location) and if your there after 930 it really changes to a younger, way more vibrant clientele.