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Oct 30, 2006 07:54 PM

Anybody Tried Paula Wolfert's Slow Mediterranean Cooking?

I have this book and have used it a couple of time with great success.

Anybody else? I'm probably biased because she's my idol.

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  1. I have this and I really like it. Her recipe for oven-cooked polenta is now my default version--it takes longer than a stovetop version, but you don't ever have to stir it, and it comes out perfectly for me every time.

    I've also liked the double-cooked red Marrakech chicken--it's a great company dish because you do the first cooking in advance, then do the second cooking on the grill or under the broiler just before serving. The pork coddled in olive oil was amazing, but took about two days to cook. The one I'm dying to try is the day and night slow-roasted pork shoulder, but I have to find a weekend free to do it.

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      That polenta recipe is great, but I got it from "Mediteranean Grains and Greens." Is it in "Slow" as well?

      Topic on that recipe including my highly condensed version:

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        Thanks for the link! I usually use Pheasant brand polenta and it works just fine. Yes, it's in SMK (I don't have MG&G) as part of a pork stew recipe.

    2. I really like Paula Wolfert but I confess that I get scared off actually trying her recipes...I love authentic, and I know that is her thing...but sometimes her stuff is so labor intensive, or you need ingredients that are hard to come by. Sorry, I have no duck fat in my fridge! I really love her moroccan cookbook...I must try something from the one you are referring to though, I do have it at home, and it's the right season for slow, fragrant simmering!

      1. I received the book for Christmas last year, but have yet to make anything out of it. I'm feeling like slowing down...any favorites, besides the ones above?

        1. I don't have a lot of her cookbooks (probably should, but don't) but I am very impressed by this one. For one thing, we've actually cooked from it (several vegetable soups, lovely braised lamb meatballs with spinach and chickpeas come to mind).

          My husband made a double batch of those meatballs and froze them. They are wonderful on as a topping for what he calls "greek pizza."

          1. These recipes sound great - I have the book and haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but now I'm motivated!