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Oct 30, 2006 07:52 PM

Potatoes and ground pork--ideas?

I baked 5 potatoes last night but ended up with takeout after I messed up the pork chops (they were fine but the milk sauce got cooked away to blackness, so the chops went into lunches). Now I have 5 already baked potatoes. I also have a pound of ground pork. Would it be possible to do a sort of shephard's pie or nontraditional tourtiere with these ingredients?

Alternatively, I thought about trying gnocchi with the potatoes, but I don't have a lot of time. Plus, then what would I do with the pork? I don't have to use the pork today, so am open to any ideas for these potatoes.

Other ingredients on hand: zucchini, beets, 2 large sweet potatoes, home made tomato sauce, salad fixin's including tons of avocadoes, a kabocha squash, leftover chipotles in adobo sauce, some corn tortillas, even dry beans--all of this should add up to a few meals.

Any help with those taters, at least?? Thanks

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  1. I'd never turn down a slice of tourtiere with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.

    1. I'm in total agreement with Candy! I'm hungry just thinking about it. Here's a tourtiere recipe I posted not too long ago and it calls for exactly one pound of ground pork.
      You could use a frozen pie pastry if you wish. That and a salad on the side, I'd so be there for that!

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        I did make a semblance of the tourtiere, it was my first time; I hope you will forgive my tinkering with the recipe in order to use what I had.

        I had another tourtiere recipe which included potato so I added a lot, as well as half a large carrot, chopped, in addition to the celery, and two hot cherry peppers, chopped. Plus I didn't have allspice so I used fresh thyme, some parsley, a little freshly grated nutmeg, some ground cardamom and cinnamon, plus some chipotle powder & s & p. as well as homemade chicken broth. It turned out kind of like empanada filling or spicy pork pot pie. Don't know how much I abused the recipe but my husband said it was the best thing he ever ate. There was extra filling and pastry dough (I made whole wheat butter crust) so I froze it perhaps to make empanadas.

        I promise to do your recipe correctly next time, but this was a huge hit! So thank you for the inspiration.

        I served it with a salad made of lettuce, cooked beet greens & sliced beets, avocadoes, crumbled feta cheese & capers with vinaigrette.

        Thanks everyone! I will try your other suggestions as well. I have more of all these ingredients. You people are the best.

      2. How about a "pork hamburger" and a side of baked fries?
        Season the ground pork and form into a patty and fry it up like you'd with a hamurger patty.

        Cut the baked potatoes into wedges, toss with chili powder and evoo and bake or broil until golden brown on the outside.

        1. A tortilla soup garnished with avocados. Uses zucchini, avocados, tortillas, chipotles, beans.

          Meatballs to go over pasta.

          Grate the potatoes and mix with egg & flour to make latkes.
          Could do this with sweet potatoes too, probably want to precook them a little.

          1. Maybe a non-traditional eggroll with pork, potato and squash (and heck, maybe even the chipotles) inside? Cook the pork and mix with veg and a little soy sauce, maybe 5-spice powder, put in wonton skins and fry.