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Oct 30, 2006 07:32 PM

Biscuit BBQ is opening tonight on 5th Ave. & President

Just walked by the former Night & Day and noticed they had put up the "Biscuit BBQ" sign and there was a notice saying they're opening for dinner tonight (Oct. 30th). Also included in the notice was a lengthy explanation of why Night & Day was converting to Biscuit - I can't remember all of it but it basically said that they went through several "self-important" chefs before hiring Cohen and seemed to suggest that maybe he persuaded them to go the BBQ route since N&D had never really turned the corner (to profitability presumably). Anyway, looking forward to the reviews!

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  1. Hopefully they have a better Biscuit recipe than before.


    Strike that.

    Hopefully they have a better recipes than before, period.

    1. I'd be curious to find out where the last "self important" chef (the one from N.Orleans) went. The one time I ate his food I felt that he was better than the setting he had to work in.

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        I dont know, maybe he's involved in that new N.O. place up on 7th and 7th? No No or whatever?

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          The chef went to a new restaurant in Manhattan,located in The Port Authority Bus Terminal called
          "Metro Marche"I think it is owned by the same people who own Cafe Alsace and Nice Matin.It is a French Bistro along with ToGo items,to take along on your travels.

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            I just got back from Biscuit. I had gone there once at their prior location and didn't really like it although other people would say how good the food was. I guess after all this time it still rings true - either you love Biscuit or you hate it. The couple across from me seemed to truly enjoy their chicken and ribs. I heard the gentleman say " mmmmm, balanced" after he bit into his rib. As for me, all I could taste was meat burned to a crisp. I doubt that I'll make the trip again.

        2. we ate there tonight as well - both enjoyed it
          service was good and the food came fast
          you're not going to mistake this chow for a southern lunch counter tho

          the ribs were pretty good - juicy, smokey, good bark and not burnt
          the sauces really need some work - both the sweet one and the vinegar one were (shrug) meh
          worth bringing your own bbq sauce if you want some, but the ribs on their own were good

          collards had a nice vinegary bite, not spectacular but good
          mac and cheese had a nice crispy top and cheddar flavor - if you like that overcooked mushy + crunch thing, this is the stuff for you

          Good beer on tap - Six Point and Omegang and others

          I LOVE the menu - several large salads with optional meat along with massive carnivorous action, blackened catfish, shrimp boil, and a veggie burger

          The Cobb salad needs a better dressing, and the bacon on ours was seriously overdone. But they were looking for feedback, so maybe it will get better.
          Still, this place is going to do soooo much more biz than Night and Day. It's a good addition to what is a pretty crowded restaurant strip. Nothing worth traveling for imho, but great if you're in PS and surrounds already.

          Anybody try the fried chicken, the shrimp boil, the onion rings, or the pulled pork?

          1. I have not tried the fried chicken at the new location, but enjoyed it when they were on Flatbush. It was tender and juicy, and my only issue was that it could have used a bit more flavor.

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              the food at the flatbush ave location was unedible, truly awful. you could eat better fried chicken and ribs at just about any chinese take-out place.

            2. Went last night and the pulled pork was delicious (my friends both had it), the biscuits and cole slaw were also good, as were the mashed potatoes the cheddar grits and the mac & cheese. I had the brisket which was kind of mushy and flavorless. I should have had the fried chicken which looked really really good.