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Restaurants in or near Chelsea

My friend and I are going to NY during Veteran's Day weekend and staying with a friend in Chelsea. We are looking for some good restaurants to eat at in the area or elsewhere if easily accessible by public transportation. We're up for anything besides Italian or Sushi and we're looking for a dining experience different than what we would get in Boston. Our budget for dinner is $20-30 not including drinks. Any suggestions? We're also looking for specialty food shops in the area.

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  1. Cafeteria is an inexpensive option in Chelsea. It is tradional american/comfort food, in a trendy environment. It is located on 18th and 7th Ave. A great stand-by for late night dining.

    Specialty food shops...head to the Chelsea Market on 9th Ave.


    1. hows about jamaican at NEGRIL on w23rd? bonus - they have a 2-4-1 happy hour on all drinks. spanish tapas? try TIA POL or EL CID.

      for food markets try BALDUCCIS or as mentioned the CHELSEA MARKET. also, there is a british grocery just down in the west village called MYERS OF KESWICK.

      1. Red Cat (23rd st and 10th Ave)

        Omai (19th St and 9th Ave)

        1. I just moved out of Chelsea a month ago. I always enjoyed Le Singe Vert on 7th and 18th. It's a French bistro. They cram people in and the music is too loud, but it's great for mussels, steak frites and other tasty things. I also second Red Cat. And for breakfast, Murray's Bagels on 8th btwn 22nd and 23rd (though it's tough to get a table).

          1. I'd second Omai on 9th Avenue btw 19th & 20th - I've never been disappointed and entrees are as low as $12.

            Also, Spice on 8th (& 20th, I think) has great Thai and is resonable as well.

            Chelsea Market is great for specialty food shops. I highly reommend the NY-style crumb cake at Ruthy's! :)

            The Park, on 10th Ave btw 18th & 19th has a great vibe, especially on weekend nights. The menu prices may be a bit high for you, but the burger with fries is $9 and very good - the fries are done with rosemary and have a wonderful (sinful) flavor - leave the ketchup in the bottle!

            1. El Quijote on 23rd between 7th and 8th. Lobsters, steaks and great Spanish Food.

              1. Thanks, this all sounds great!

                1. Agree with Red Cat, though it is at the high end of your price range. Even though you said that you were not interested in Italian, you might want to look at Le Zie @ 7th Ave & 20th St. It is an excellent Venetian restaurant, moderately priced. Much more plain in decor and atmosphere is Grand Sichuan International (9th Ave & 24th St.). You will find some of the best Chinese food in the City there. Just keep away from the Chinese American stuff.

                  1. Gascogne, on 8th Av., b/t 17th & 18th Sts., is a petite, charming bistro that serves delicious food with an emphasis on dishes from that eponymous region of France. They offer a "pre-theater" 3-course prix-fixe for $27. You can see the menu on their website.

                    http://www.gascognenyc.com/prixfixe.html (Scroll down.


                    Garden of Eden, on 23rd St., b/t 6th & 7th Avs., is a terrific gourmet food market.

                    Enjoy your stay in NYC and Bon Appetit!

                    1. Gavroche....23 street between 7 & 8th.especially great in lovely weather because of their back garden. Mussles are excellent, beet salad is amazing.........haven't had a bad meal there.

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                        I, too, like Gavroche. Location correction: It's on 14th St., not 23rd.


                        Actually, there is a good French bistro on 23rd, b/t 8th & 9th Avs. -- Chelsea Bistro & Bar.

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                          The last time I walked by the Chelsea Bistro and Bar, they were closed for renovations (it was a week or two ago). I also heard previously that the building was up for sale, I don't know if it's related.

                      2. If you are feeling homesick at all, Flight 151 on 8th /17th has a mixed crowd drinking there and the burgers and wings are usually fantastic. Food Bar right next door does a modern American menu with a festive gay clubby type vibe. The food is good very reasonably priced and the service is pleasant.