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Dinning in the West Village

I have been living east of 6th ave on Prince St for 2 years now. I have been dying to try a good restuarant in the area West of 7th ave. Can anyone suggest their favorite, not terribly expensive place to eat in the vacinity?

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  1. I love Da Andrea on Hudson. The food is terrific, the sevice is great and the prices are very good. I also like Valdino West on Hudon which I think is underrated. You should get some great response to your post.

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      Thanks bobby, I have been thinking about trying Da Andrea, with your recomendation it might be first on the list.

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        If you go, make sure you try the octopus salad or tigelle rolls as an appetizer and any of their homemade pastas. I like their gnocchi. All the fresh pasta are great. Enjoy

    2. Westville on 10th near Bleeker. Best burger in New York, in my opinion. Great grilled corn too. And homemade cookies.

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        I heart Westville. Great, unpretentious food and cozy atmosphere. Love the "market sides."

      2. I love Wallse, though it may be a bit on the pricey side - perhaps not the brunch, though.

        1. Italian: Malatesta at Christopher & Washington St.

          Brazilian: Casa at Bedford & Commerce or Delicia at W. 11th & Greenwich St.

          Soul Food: Pink Tea Cup on Grove St. near Bleecker

          French: AOC at Bleecker & Grove St.

          Middle Eastern: Moustache on Bedford near Commerce or Taim (take-out) at Waverly & Perry

          1. I second the recs for Da Andrea and Westville and add Petite Abielle (Hudson and Barrow) to the list - their mussels, burgers and fries are delicious. Pinxtos for tapas is excellent, too.

            1. I agree w/the suggestions for Da Andrea, Westville, Petite Abeille. I'd also add August, Little Owl, Snack, Cafe de Bruxelles, and Piccolo Angolo. I've had a good meal at Maremma, but that was some time ago, and I've heard mixed things lately. For brunch, beyond some of the places I already mentioned, I've had good meals at Cafe Condesa, Les Deux Gamins, Extra Virgin, and good.

              1. Thank you all for you suggestions, please keep them coming. It looks like I have my meals for November planned out. Can't wait! Thanks again!

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                  ooh for spanish, my favorite is cafe espanol on carmine street off of seventh avenue. great paella, lobster, garlic shrimp! and sangria to die forrrr!!!!!!!

                2. I enjoyed Home and Pearl Oyster bar. Do Hwa has decent Korean.

                  1. duck confit at ivo and lulu (byob)