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Oct 30, 2006 07:08 PM

Looking for good Veg Friendly in Albuquerque NM (and Santa Fe)

I'm in Albuquerque for the next week and looking for good Veg Friendly suggestions for dinner. Probably will make a trip up to Santa Fe too, so let the recommendations fly!

Dietary restriction: no chicken, no red meat, no pork.

Ovo, Lacto, Pesce, Veg AOK!


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  1. Annapurna, has a longtime restaurant in ABQ and opened one last year in SF. Don't have a phone book handy for address, but it shouldn't be too hard to find one when you get here.

    1. Just got back from SF; many of the well-regarded places in SF have some sort of veg or semi-vg menu entries. El Pasqual always seems to have a completely vegetarian dinner item or two. Watch out for trad. N.M. places which may give you a (very non-veg.) posole as a side.

      A notable exception would be "The Stockyard", which, not surprisingly, has a menu which is pretty much beef, beef, and beef. . . .

      r gould-saltman

      1. Hi, It's probably too late for your trip, but for future reference (and other vegetarians looking for food in Albuquerque & Santa Fe) here's part of a list I send to vegetarian and vegan friends who ask me where to eat in NM:


        The University area has the only three all-vegetarian restaurants in all of New Mexico (last I checked). They are:
        --The Green Light Bistro -- Haven't tried it, but it's an all veg cafe.
        --Annapurna, that another poster mentioned, is an Ayurvedic restaurant right next door. Their chai is great but I find their food kind of bad, -- bland, overcooked and often wierdly seasoned (and I'm Indian). But it's clean, they try really hard and a lot of people seem to like them.
        --And around the corner, the greasy and average but all-veg and vegan friendly, Fei Health Cafe, which serves mostly deep-fried Chinese fast food.

        Some veg-friendly places are:

        --Richard's Mexican -- their posole is vegan as are their chiles, they're happy to omit cheese if necessary, and they'll fill tacos and enchiladas with a mixture of brown rice and lentils in lieu of meat.

        -- El Patio -- Homey New Mexican in the University area. Three vegetarian/vegan entrees and their chiles are vegan, too.

        -- Chow's Chinese Bistro -- sort of upscale Chinese food. (I think there's one in Santa Fe, too). The Buddhism bean curd is amazingly rich and good, maybe the best tofu dish I've ever had. They have a number of other vegetarian options, too, and they'll usually be glad to adjust things, like making the egg noodle dishes with rice noodles instead or leaving the pork out of the delicious Night Market Noodles.

        -- Huong Thao -- excellent home-style Viet Namese. Delicious cold and hot rolls, outstanding mung bean crepe and to-die-for curried gluten.

        -- Flying Star Cafe (a local chain with numerous locations listed on their website) has a number of veg options and a vegan tofu scramble at breakfast. The best thing is their tempeh burger,-- really good.

        --For picnic or take-home, La Montanita Co-op and Natural Foods store (there's one in the UNM area and one in the North Valley) has a nice selection of fresh, organic veg items in their deli and lots of prepackaged, house-made dishes, too. Their soups are outstanding. Juan's Broken Taco for veg-friendly fast-food Mexican, and Relish, a gourmet cheese shop and deli, are also great veg take-home options.

        --India Kitchen at Louisiana and Montgomery has lots of choices. Tempeh or tofu curry and stewed mustard greens are some of the more unusual ones. India Palace (which also has a Santa Fe branch) nearby is good too, though their vegetables are loaded with butter and cream.

        -- Java Joe's downtown is a hippy/slacker-type cafe with lots of veg options. (They're only open for breakfast and lunch, and get packed for brunch on weekends when they also have live folk music which can be a plus or minus depending on the group and your mood.)

        -- For more fancy dining, Seasons always has at least one vegetarian entree and a grilled vegetable platter. La Crepe Michel in Old Town has super vegetarian crepes, quiches and the like and always serves one vegetarian soup. And the chef at the kind of expensive and pretentious but very creative Ambrozia in Old Town has said he'll make something special for vegans and vegetarians if they call ahead. (They usually have one vegetarian dish on the menu at all times, too)

        SANTA FE:

        -- Someone already mentioned Cafe Pasqual.

        -- Cloud Cliff Bakery and Restaurant has great breakfasts and terrific veg choices at lunch like pan-fried polenta with greens and gorgonzola.

        -- Whistling Moon Cafe - veggie burger and veggie pasta.

        Otherwise, be careful at Mexican and NM restaurants as the other poster mentioned. Besides hidden meat in posole and fideo, a lot of places add lard and/or meat stock to beans and tortillas and still call them vegetarian. You sort of have to ask about lard and stock as a separate issue.

        Happy Eating, ninrn

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          SANTA FE:
          For lunch, try
          also is very veggie friendly B&B
          MuDu Noodles has great reputation

          1. re: veggiemunn

            I second the MuDu recommendation, and demur on the Tofu Scramble at Flying Star - just had it and it's OK. Granted, if you're eating out and need a vegan option, great. But I could make better at home in 15 minutes.