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Oct 30, 2006 06:46 PM

hotel eden restaurant in rome?

has anyone dined at the restaurant at the hotel eden near the spanish steps in rome??
any details would be appreciated...thanks

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  1. I stayed at the Eden in 2004 and dined at the restaurant the last night of our stay. It was spectacular and spectacularly expensive (approx. $600 for two).

    1. Just like juilletdix says, it is very expensive, but my wife rates it as her most memorable meal ever. The food is very good but it is the location, and service which really makes it. Excellent attention to detail, perfectly pitched to deliver all everything you need without being intrusive. I had told them when booking that it was my wife's birthday. There were no sprkloers or singing waiters, just a delicately iced "Happy Birthday" around her a-la-carte desert.
      It is the only place I have been where the waiter brings a small table beside the women diners,for their handbag.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Earlier today I posted a link to our blog - there's a fairly extensive review of Hotel Eden but within a few minutes it was deleted.

          I asked for an explanation from Chowhound and here it is:

          "We understand that there's a fine line between 1. sincerely wanting to point your fellow hounds to good info which hapens to be elsewhere and 2. plotting to steer our large audience elsewhere for promotion/self-promotion. The problem is that we have far too many users and far too little time to draw this distinction.
          Chowhound's mission is to be a trove of opinions and information, rather than a nexus of outbound links to opinions and information. So please opine on the Chowhound site rather than direct our audience elsewhere for your thoughts. Please either cut/paste your blog opinions or encapsulate them in your postings.Users may include a low profile, non-hypish "sig" below their postings, linking to the main page of their blog."

          Following is taken from our restaurant blog for Rome - at the bottom I've added a (hopefully) low profile, non-hypish "sig"/link to the blog so you can see the pictures - I don't know if they'll permit that.

          We had to do a Michelin One Star when we were in Rome. We picked the restaurant in the Hotel Eden - La Terrazza (the other consideration was the Hassler Hotel's restaurant but our research suggested the cuisine at La Terrazza was more creative.)

          They didn't disappoint - spectacular venue, skilled service, exemplary food and a bill to match.

          The hotel is near the top of the Spanish Steps and the restaurant is at the top of the hotel- the view is perfect (below). You can see a 180 degree panorama from Victor Emanuel to the Vatican. Be sure to book a window table. Also be sure to have a jacket and tie for a dinner reservation.

          They opened with an ameuse geule of sardines with a tomato concasse - very clean sardine taste complemented with perfect tomatoes.

          We split a loin of rabbit with balsamic vinegar, culatello ham and lentils (34 E)

          Followed up with Saffron potato gnocchi with radicchio and asparagus (26 E). The gnocchi was not as light as those at Checco, but the bitterness of the radicchio sauce contrasted with the sweetness of the asparagus was a taste triumph.

          We paired the gnocchi with wild mushroom risotto with scampi and black truffles (34 E). Everything tastes better under a layer of shaved truffles and Eden's Risotto didn't disappoint. Creamy, rich with just a hint of crunch.and a tail from our favourite crustacean on top.

          Fish was a fillet of turbot with sauteed spinach, red onion marmalade and light orange sauce (43E). The ability of a starred restaurant to cook a perfect piece of fish constantly amazes us - moist, evenly done throughout, almost sashimi - but just on the side of doneness that we strive to achieve at home. And the onion marmalade was the essence of onions - earthy, naturally sweet with succulent texture.

          The meat course was loin of lamb in a Mediterranean olive crust on saffron cous cous (43E) The lamb was the texture of butter - but still rich in flavour.

          We closed with the traditional petit fours - we're not dessert eaters so we passed on the sweet options. In the tradition of Italian biscotti, the petit fours were far drier than in France or Spain. This love of dental threatening "crunch" is an aspect of Italian cuisine we'll never understand.

          Overall, a very good, very expensive, dining experience. Not particularly Roman. We've had very similar excellent meals in Spain, France, the UK and North America.

          Glad we went, but you could have a comparable experience in most major cities. An interesting dilemma emerges. By becoming a one star most restaurants seem to lose their regional character. They don't lost their quality, but the relevant comparisons are now to one stars in other cities..not the regionals. In our experience the most interesting and satisfying restaurants have been those that can achieve starred status while preserving regional identity. Mulinazzo outside Palermo and Les Fuillants in Ceret, France are good examples.

          Elizabeth and Richard's Favourite Rome Restaurants

          1. thanks to all...i was not able to coordinate a dinner here but i had a drink at sunset and a delightful conversation with the head bartender and have added this place to my wish list!