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Buffalo wild wings

anybody been to the one in Garner or Chapel hill nc...are they worth the drive???the stock has been on fire!!!!

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  1. Haven't been to either of those, but went to one in Charlotte before it clsoed and one in Greensboro. The big draw for them is the NTN trivia game.
    The food is okay for standard bar fare. If you are looking for good wings, East Coat wings in Winston Salem has the best variety..the teri-ginger-garlic are better than any I have had.

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      actually to my taste buds the Buffalo Wild wings is better than east coast. Went to the Buffalo by Hanes mall and the jerk wings were prety good. not sure if either are worth driving too far for though

    2. I think the best wings to be had in the Triangle are at Bull City Wings. It's a carry out place with a drive thru, but them wings are damn good!

      1. The answer you're looking for is NO!!!

        It's not worth the drive.
        We went to one in Indiana and I couldn't have been more disappointed. Wings the size of my thumb. Buffalo wings that really didn't taste like Buffalo wings. The other flavours we ordered were very "Pre made" tasting. Like they used jarred thai sauce or something.


        1. you hit the nail on the head, davwud. bw3's is terrible. i'm sure the stock is doing well because it is a football atmosphere, so this is their time of year. the food is overpriced and low quality. when cooked perfectly, some of their stuff tastes good, but it's still a ripoff.

          i don't really like bull city wings, though, either. it is better than bw3's, but it's missing something. i ate them twice, and only because i met the owner and he was trying to give me free wings. i felt guilty because he said people from ny came down and said his wings are better than wings from buffalo. they must not have tastebuds. and i would also not support that business because it's closed on football sunday... the only day i do want wings, but i guess i'm just a capitalist yankee agnost.

          it's tough to find a good wing in durham. i have yet to try devine's, which should have a good wing, but charlie's on ninth street has a good wing... it's just not worth footing a $10 bill for 12 wings, but they are worth $3 a dozen on monday nites. but their wings still aren't as good as the down under pub on main st. i hate to admit that i've eaten anything from here, but i have, and they have the best wing in town. i can say this without even trying devines' wings, because the down under pub has delicious wings(despite the 91 health rating).

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            Devine's wings are pretty dang good. Their sauce is much more authentic and flavorful than Charlie's wings. My advice: Charlie's for burgers (with either the shostring fries or he homemade chips-- both are excellent), and Devine's for wings. Satisfaction's wings are good too.

          2. Are they worth the drive? Depends on whether you're looking for good wings (no) or a good gameday atmosphere (yes).

            1. If you just want the best Buffalo wings, you must try Waldo's Wings in Winston. Been around forever and IMO have the best buffalo style wings in town. Nothing fancy about the place and if you like NASCAR they have a very impressive collection. Decent burgers and sides but the wings are their claim to fame. Worth the drive? Probably!

              1. i've never had waldo's wings, but the fact that you're talking about driving over an hour for chicken wings makes me want to answer that question (worth the drive?) with "probably not." it's still just a chicken wing, no matter how well you think they prepare them, it can't possibly be worth the drive. i love wings, but an hour? c'mon bro.

                i've also had people recommend wings that are terrible, and it's just not worth the risk... i like my wings classic: meaty, very crispy, with enough sauce to coat, but no extra sauce in the bottom of the basket, and with bleu cheese. a lot of places drench their tiny, rubbery wings with lots of sauce, and a cup of "ranch dressin,'" and people love them... personally, i can't get down with that.

                also, an update to my earlier Down Under Pub comment: they have since received an 89 health rating, down 2 points, but i'll still eat wings there, sadly enough. they're so good!!!

                1. It's farther away I'm sure but as a true Buffalo gal, there is one place I have found for real CHICKEN wings. Do Not Go To Buffalo Wild WIngs! Take a drive to Cornelius, near Charlotte and go to Big Al's if you want the real thing. If you're asking about Buffalo wings, you prolly want something nasty like Domino's. But true Chicken wings are available in the South.
                  Also, the Original Anchor Bar has franchised and will be opening in Charlotte in January. Yankees keep smiling!

                  1. For what it's worth, I've recently become addicted to the wings at Armadillo Grill (locations in Wake Forest, Glenwood South, and Duke). Only one level of heat and it's moderate to slightly hot but the taste is good. And they finally wised up and started to serve blue cheese dressing rather than ranch.

                    1. an hours drive
                      Maybe Im a diehard chowhound but an hours drive for something good to eat isnt much,,,I live in a chowhound wasteland,,,eastern nc,,so other than bbq numerous chinky take outs and a half dozen mexican places,,,there is nothing,,,so Raleigh is a pure mecca for me,,,when I was younger I wouldnt have hesitated to drive and hour for a good woman,good music or good food...now I have to drive an hour to get most of that...

                      1. i hear ya, 'bro. i went to ECU, and now live in the triangle... so i guess i just forgot my roots. i now have most every cuisine within a short drive, but i have lived in eastern nc before, so i feel for ya. i have traveled multiple times for food, but i just don't find the chicken wing satisfying enough to make an hour drive.

                        we used to go on bbq road trips for awhile, then we'd visited the skylight, wilbur's and kings so much, it wasn't worth the ride.

                        when i lived at ECU i had driven to the triangle for thai, sushi, indian, and semi-authentic chinese when i lived in greenville, but never for chicken wings, or any kind of pub grub, for that matter. i thought that was one thing even greenville had.

                        i should have specified, though, because i will travel for food, but i guess i just don't value the wing highly enough to justify spending the gas and time... but maybe i've just never had the perfect wing?! but the sympathy flows freely, here, for i remember the culinary graveyard of eastern nc. -mookie

                        1. The one in Chapel Hill is dicey. Sometimes the people don't show up for work, and they have one guy cooking in the back and also trying to wait on tables.

                          I once went there for lunch with a group from work, and we were informed that they didn't have any wings.

                          The one in Clayton is so-so. Lots of black stuff around the bones from being frozen. Also, a bit dry. I like plenty of sauce.

                          The great wings are at McKinley's, in Clayton. Go on a Sunday night, when they're 25 cents apiece.

                          Ba Da Wings, on Airport Road, in Chapel Hill, is outstanding, but they're expensive.