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Oct 30, 2006 06:16 PM

Places you avoided for a long time but now love

Have there ever been places you avoided for a long time for whatever reason, but finally decided to take the plunge, and now you love?

For me it's Shaab in Pasadena. I thought it couldn't possibly measure up to Shabu Shabu house in Little Tokyo, and I wasn't that keen on Old Town Pasadena. But I finally decided to try it and love it. The food is at least equal, there's no wait(they take reservations), parking is much better, and best of all I don't have to hear that dreaded country music while I eat. I've never gone back to SSH.

There's another place like this but it's slipped my mind. You?

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  1. For me, that would be Chabuya. I went when it first opened and the broth just was too salty, but now I could eat it probably every other week. I love the noodles, dried and soupy and the ginger ice cream =) Yum! And the waiters there are really nice!

    1. chabuya i think is one of the poorest excuses for sushi in the valley..........but you are not a sushi eater than i guess the noodles are just fine...........