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Oct 30, 2006 05:29 PM

Comfort Food Suggestions...Depressed & Hungry

Having dinner with a friend this week and we both are craving some comfort food.

Choices we're considering...


Max Brenner
Room 4 Dessert

Any other places that might fit this bill and be better options? Pref. below 23rd Street. Thanks...

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  1. I think Home is mediocre, and good is just good for brunch. For my comfort food fix, I'd go to Maroons or Cornelia St. Cafe. From what I've read, Chikalicious and R4D aren't exactly comfort dessert places--they offer more high concept plates. And I think Max Brenner is more theme park than quality. Maroons has some great desserts if you opt to go there. otherwise, I'd opt for homestyle treats at Billy's Bakery, Amy's, or Little Pie Company.

    1. Maybe Comfort Diner, Veselka or Miss Mamie's? Or even City Bakery...

      For dessert, try Rice to Riches if you like rice pudding. Or hit Sarabeth's.

      1. I'd consider Phebes right off of Great Jones on Bowery - it's pretty cheap, has comfort food and is really just a nice relaxing place.

        I wouldn't suggest s'mac - I think frozen stoufers is better than their version of mac & cheese.

        1. I totally agree, s'mac tasted like cardboard and cheez whiz. I like Eatery (Hell's Kitchen) and Chat 'n' Chew (Union sq. area). Haven't been to any of the dessert places, Room 4 Dessert is on my list though. It's just a cafe, but Cosi has a fun s'mores dessert! Billy's is great. Good luck!

          1. I haven't tried it but people RAVE about Mamas. For some comfort soul food below 14th I suggest Day-O or Pink Tea Cup (which I also haven't tried). Oh yeah, I heard Maroons is fantastic!

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              The mac 'n' cheese at Mama's (east village, sadly west village now closed) is outstanding. It has about 2 cloves of garlic per serving. If you're a garlic lover like me, that's a good thing, but I could see other's being put off. Mashed potatoes are great too and I've heard raves about the fried chicken and meatloaf.

              1. re: maeisner

                I LOVE Mamas. Crave it often. The mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with any of the sauteed greens make a great comfort dinner. Of course, the fried chicken is a winner when I need something really comforting. Plus, it smells so good in there. Just don't sit by the front door on a cold day--you'll get a chilly breeze every time someone comes in.